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Saxon Rice | Liberal National Party Queensland

Saxon Rice - WomenprenuerPublished: 10 December, 2011

With a career spanning locations including Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, Saxon Rice now has her sights set firmly on a leafy pocket of Brisbane’s inner-west.

Saxon’s impressive credentials include a Master of International Law from the Australian National University and a Bachelor of Economics majoring in Political Economy & Government from Sydney University. These degrees launched her professional journey in 1999, with roles in the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee and Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee of the Australian Parliament.

Foreign Affairs were a significant focus for Saxon, encompassing a fact-finding mission throughout the Pacific region and a Joint Parliamentary Delegation to Indonesia and PNG. All required complex research, analysis, evaluation and appraisal of Government policies, and recommendations for change or action.

In late 2004, Saxon entered the private sector, working for Ingeus Limited in Brisbane on international market development, identifying new workforce participation service opportunities. The outcomes of Saxon’s research formed the cornerstone of investment decisions for the Group, and she was quickly promoted to Ingeus Europe’s London office as Head of European Business Development.

Shortly after, Saxon became Ingeus’ Director of Global Business Development, delivering employment services and establishing sustainable expansion initiatives in Europe and Asia.

Returning to Brisbane, the political arena again beckoned Saxon, and she became Policy Advisor to Senator Brett Mason, Queensland’s Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Education, and Advisor to Ross Vasta MP, Federal Member for Bonner.

Saxon then decided upon her ultimate career goal and earlier this year ‘threw her hat in the ring’, standing for pre-selection of the Liberal National Party’s seat of Mount Coot-tha, an area encompassing the Brisbane communities of Bardon, Paddington, Red Hill, Milton, Auchenflower and Toowong.

With extensive experience of both the public and private sectors, Saxon was selected as the LNP candidate. Her career path has proved the perfect road for her planned seat in State politics.

Giving back to the community and caring for the people she aspires to represent is her focus, and Saxon is determined to make a real difference in her local area, just as she did with her business programmes on a global basis.

Saxon champions equality for women across all levels and whilst acknowledging women can often face hurdles in the political world, she has forged her own career in politics, concentrating on hard work and desired results for the local community. “There are hurdles for everyone – in business or politics, or life. You get over them, or fall down,” Saxon says.

In Saxon’s view, it’s much better to take the leap, and keep striving.

Saxon’s tips for success:

  • Inspire people with a positive outlook.
  • Thank your team every day.
  • Maintain laser-sharp focus on the objectives.
  • Listen to people and deliver on promises.
  • Honour your words with actions.
  • Care – and care enough to make a difference.
  • Be passionate about and totally focused on goals.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously!

To get to know more about Saxon's achievements visit her website.


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