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Catriona Pollard Catriona Pollard is the founder and director of CP Communications one of Sydney’s most respected and innovative PR and social media agencies. Catriona is passionate about social media, public relations, business and bringing them all together to create real, financial success for entrepreneurs and organisations. Catriona is renowned for being an inspiring presenter that shares practical skills and expertise so attendees can immediately implement what they've learnt to see real results. As an early adopter of social media in the Australian PR industry, Catriona created the popular blog Public Relations Sydney that was listed as the top two business blog in Australia. Catriona is also listed as one of the top 100 PR people worldwide to follow on Twitter. Catriona is a highly regarded expert and media commentator and her views on social media and PR have been extensively published in media. Catriona is the author of From Unknown To Expert: How to use clever PR and Social Media to become a recognised expert, a comprehensive step-by-step program for entrepreneurs and business owners to learn how to become a recognised expert and thought leader. Catriona Pollard Communications Pty Ltd Suite 404, 10-12 Clarke Street, Crows Nest NSW 2065 P: (02) 9460 9200

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5 Steps On How To Overcome The Expert’s Dilemma

April 11, 2017 | Catriona Pollard

The challenge facing many women in business is figuring out how to overcome the Expert’s Dilemma. I’m sure you have experienced it.

If any of these strike a chord with you… you’re not alone. This is the Expert’s Dilemma! I have struggled with this for a long time, so I wrote a book to help all those who suffer from it.

It’s simply not about being great at what you do. You now need to be great at telling people what you do. Here are my top 5 steps on how to overcome the expert’s dilemma.


First things first; ask yourself why you are looking to build a personal brand. If it’s purely for promotional purposes, developing a personal connection with your audience will be a struggle.

The key is to be transparent and genuine, and have confidence. If you believe in yourself, others will too.

Set the stage

Define your personal brand and what you want people to know about you. Personal branding is essential to how people perceive you, so it’s important to think about who you are, what you stand for and what you have to offer.

Start by developing an elevator statement that clearly and concisely explains your role as a thought leader.

Develop your online and offline profile

Now that your personal brand and elevator statements have been developed, you can start shining and illuminating your personal brand.

Establish an online community by creating a personal website and starting a blog to promote yourself and to connect with your audience.

Attending networking events, connecting with local businesses and making yourself known to anyone who’s interested is also one way to develop your profile.

Use the media

Use the media to share your expertise and reach the people you want to influence. Be timely and newsworthy when pitching yourself to the media. Take some time to create angles that allows you to share your expert knowledge as well being able to keep on top of the trends.

Use social media

The final step of overcoming the expert’s dilemma is owning the social media spotlight. But before jumping into the deep end, create a social media strategy that clearly defines your goals and what you want to achieve from social media.

It is important to remember that limiting yourself can only hold you back. By changing your self-perception and embracing your expertise, you can make a difference in people’s lives and their businesses.