Tessa Muldoon
Tessa Muldoon Tessa has been working in the Australian solar industry for her family business - The Solar Guys in Brisbane for just over 4 years. After an explosion in residential solar in Australia, the focus now shifts to helping businesses and corporations bring down their utility bills and harness more sustainable internal policies. Tessa's contribution is drawn upon her experience and completed Diploma of Sustainability to give practical advice for each business to understand their 'green' options and how these can be applied successfully everyday.

Tessa Muldoon has written 22 article(s) for us.

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5 Tips To Make Your Office Greener

September 20, 2012 | Tessa Muldoon

Use these 5 tips to make your office more energy efficient.

The results of a recent survey conducted by the Australian Industry Group on 300 Australian businesses showed that over two thirds of organisations are trying to make a major change to energy efficiency and reducing overheads.

With so many companies investigating the opportunities for change, here are 5 quick points to help you form a greener and more economical work environment.

Install smart power-boards behind computers:

In every work place we have electronics hubs designed to be efficient for getting the job done. Wherever there is a computer and it’s commonly paired with a printer, scanner, land-line phone, mobile charger and other devices that make it easier to work. But how much electricity is wasted in standby when your not sitting at your desk? By purchasing and installing a ‘Smart’ power board it will help to power down appliances that aren’t in use and can significantly cut the standby power wasted. They cost more then normal power-boards but will pay for themselves in no time at all.

Use scrap paper in the Fax Machine:

This is an easy change to make to save paper around the office. Nowadays there are so many spam faxes and irrelevant correspondence coming through our machines, but it doesn’t have to waste paper at the same time. You can utilise the backside of any scrap paper that may be collected through any part of the business, post, conferences and meetings and see a saving on your stationary bill.

Only boil enough water for one cup of tea:

This might not sound like a big thing but hands up if you boil an entire kettle of water just to make a cuppa for yourself. By encouraging behavioral change in the kitchen you can help save electricity and water at the same time. Erect a simple sign above the sink that reminds people to be aware of how much water they are boiling or that if they want to make a hot beverage for the whole office – All they have to do is ask!

Implement Battery recycling station in your office:

We all mindlessly throw batteries in the bin and they ultimately end up in landfill but what if your business could do more? There are now multiple opportunities to set up a battery recycling station in a predominant point in your office or workplace to help collect and recycle everyday batteries and old mobile phones. By getting involved in a program like this you can also encourage employees to bring in old batteries from home and form a collective for making a change to what we put into landfill.

Update your equipment:

It may seem like a waste to replace equipment or computers that are still working but if they’re more then 10 years old then it needs to be replaced for more advanced technology. Changing out appliances for more efficient models can save up to 30 per cent in running costs and will help to decrease your electricity overheads. Old appliances and computers can also be recycled through local councils and equipment traders so they don’t just have to be put in the bin.

There’s always going to be lots you can do to in any workplace that will help reduce your overheads and impact on surrounding environment and hopefully these tips give you a direction to focus your efforts.

If you have other great ideas on how you’ve made your office greener share them by leaving a comment below. That way we can all learn from each other.