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Natalie Alaimo Natalie Alaimo is a social media marketing expert who teaches small business owners & entrepreneurs how to build the brand of "YOU" via social media & online marketing to create an avalanche of clients ready to buy from you. She runs workshops around Australia and is the creator of The Social Media Blueprint - Managing Your Social Media in 10 min per day. A Gold Coast, Australian local she enjoys networking, painting and spending time with her family. Natalie is an international speaker and has spoken at events such as: BNI International Members Conference, Business Women Incorporated, GBC Australia Sales Conference, Self Storage Association, Central Chamber of Commerce & Women's Network Australia on the topics of: social media marketing, branding you, online marketing & networking. She is also a blogger for Telstra and has been published in the international magazine The Mompreneur.

Natalie Alaimo has written 40 article(s) for us.

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Are You Making These Facebook Mistakes?

October 23, 2012 | Natalie Alaimo

Learn how to use Facebook to gain new clients and make sales for your business.

Social Media and Facebook can be very beneficial for your business. When done correctly you can gain new clients and new sales, get existing clients to buy more and have a lot of fun. However, some business owners jump online with no plan or goal of what they are trying to achieve.

These business owners are often making some critical mistakes on Facebook, which is why they are not getting results. After three, four or six months of no results, the most likely response it that Facebook doesn’t work and they give up. Don’t give up! Just get some training and make sure you aren’t making these critical mistakes.

1. Using Your Profile for Business
Facebook offers many different properties and account options. For more a detailed view of which are the best options for you, take a look at this article. Most people will be familiar with your Personal Profile as this is the default account type. The other one you need to be aware of is the Business Page. A Business Page is required if you want to promote your business on Facebook. By using a Personal Profile for your business account, not only are you in violation of Facebook’s Terms & Conditions, you will be annoying and spamming your friends. Just don’t do it!

Fix: Set up a Business Page for promoting your business and keep your Personal Profile private.

2. Always Posting from Twitter

When you automatically post on Facebook from Twitter, people reading your Facebook page know that you have posted from Twitter. Underneath each update is the “from Twitter” link. As soon as you see the link you know that the person isn’t actually live on Facebook! This means to me that they don’t really want to interact with you as they couldn’t be bothered to actually jump over to Facebook. Whether this is true or not, this is the perception people have. Facebook will also group “like” posts together, so if five people post from Twitter, often only one is seen and the other four are grouped underneath. Do you even click on the other four? Probably not, and neither does anyone else.

Fix: A better idea is to post from Facebook to Twitter as the reader will not know, unless you are sharing a longer message.

3. Always Posting from Hootsuite

When posting from Hootsuite, it’s the same as posting from Twitter. We know and we know that you aren’t there and can’t be bothered to interact with us. Also many posts are not formatted correctly when using Hootsuite so you are missing out on getting to the top of the News Feed and your Fans seeing your information. Yes, you cannot always be live on Facebook, so if you are using Hootsuite ensure you check the timing and formatting of the posts first.

Fix: Use Facebook’s inbuilt scheduler. It is free and it formats correctly.

4. Always talking about yourself and your business

You are using Facebook to gain new clients, new leads and new sales. In order to do this you need to attract the right type of customers to your Facebook page. So let me ask you: Do you think that they really want to see every single detail of your business, and every widget you have ever made? No, of course they don’t. When they are looking to hire you, they want to see samples of your work but people aren’t on Facebook everyday looking for new widgets to interact with, they are on Facebook to hang out with their friends and family, to socialise.

Fix: Provide content which will attract your ideal client as a person. Then, and only then, you can start to talk about your widgets. Eighty per cent of your content should be attraction based content.

5. Engaging in Spammy Activities

There is lots and lots of spam on Facebook and I believe it is because people see others doing something and think it’s right. I’m here to tell you it’s not! Some of these activities include:

    • Like Ladders – This is where you add your Page to a list and everyone likes each others Pages. What does this result in? A whole bunch of Pages on Facebook with fans who aren’t their target market, nor are they interested in their business. The Page owners then cannot work out why they don’t get any results on Facebook!
    • Tagging For No Benefits – Tagging is a great feature of Facebook as it allows you to include your friends or relevant business pages in your conversation or highlight them (if needed). Many people, however, like to use tagging as a way to increase their own exposure for no benefit for the person who was tagged. This happens often on photos and I even know of one “Social Media Expert” who tags at least five other pages each time she does a status update.
    • Sending Group Messages – Another great feature of Facebook is that you can send a message to multiple people. This is great when you are trying to organise some work or an event. It is not so great when you are trying to sell your products and services to your friends. We are not clones, treat people like individuals and take the time to send them a personal message if you are trying to sell something to them.

Fix: Just don’t do it!

Facebook can be great for building your reputation, your brand and your business. But please, don’t make these mistakes. It can ruin it.

If you have any questions or comments, join the conversation below.