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Are You Tracking Your Networking Results?

October 18, 2011 | Robyn Henderson

The old saying, if you can’t measure it, then you don’t know if it’s working or not, is very relevant in relation to the results you achieve from business networking activities.

I encourage all of my connections to keep a ‘Monthly Self-Networking Tracker’. This allows them to include all networking activities in their marketing initiatives, their budgets and their business plans.

Your (1) A4 page ‘Monthly Networking Tracker’ should include:

1. How I plan to network this month.
The three networking activities you are planning for the month need to be written down. These may include attending a WNA event, book launch, community or social event, maybe even a birthday celebration. I broadly define a networking event as somewhere there is five or more people that I don’t know. The more strangers attending an event, the better, this broadens your networking opportunities. Hopefully there is at least one regular network that you aim to attend each month as a regular and I would assume as a Member. It goes without saying that ‘regulars’ build more trust with each other and ultimately will refer business to each other, plus you often become top of mind with the host and event organisers. You may also include reactivating past connections, writing an ezine, blog, articles to be sent to your network.

2. How I did network.
At the end of the month,review and list your networking activity. Don’t be surprised if what you planned to do and what you did, are different. Often you are given opportunities to attend something you had not planned for. If your budget allows it, and you think your clients or potential prospects will be attending, accept that invitation and reschedule the missed activity for a future month.

3. Key people I met.
This may include three or more people and some may become clients. Believe it or not, some will never become clients – but they may become great connections for you – people who can introduce you to others or spread the word about your product or service. Set up a folder in your database where you keep the contact details for these key connections and aim to reconnect regularly.

4. How I plan to network next month.
This is an important step as you want to build on any networking you have done that month, maximise opportunities for the next month and most importantly start the month with a PLAN.

5. $ Value of business I can track from past networking.
This is, I believe, the MOST important step. Where is my business coming from? How did this new prospect hear about me? If their name doesn’t ring a bell with you, make sure that you ask the question – how did you hear about me/my business? And if they do mention the name of a person in your network, be sure to contact that connection thanking them for the referral.

This simple and time efficient one page system will enable you to keep a track of your networking and most importantly your results. And it’s never too late to introduce a system into your business. Happy networking.

  • Hello I am new to the Womens Network and Glad I came across this post. It will help me stay on track as well asĀ  track my progress