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Sue Lester Sue Lester is an international MIndset Expert, Speaker, adventurer, and author of "The Face Within: How To Change Your Unconscious Blueprint". Sue specialises in optimising unconscious blueprints and mindset shifts. She helps clients across Australian and beyond easily gain the clarity, confidence and motivation to create the changes they want in all areas of their lives. She also developed and runs De-Stress For Success, Personal Power, and Self Leadership First workshops and retreats, and numerous in-house training programs for a variety of organizations from social enterprise to accountancy firms. Sue also writes regularly for a number of online magazines and forums, and hosted her own weekly radio program "Let Go And Grow With Sue Lester" in 2011/12. Her book, "The Face Within: How To Change Your Unconscious Blueprint" is the must-have personal change kit.

Sue Lester has written 66 article(s) for us.

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Are Your Unconscious Blueprints™ Holding Your Children Back?

January 23, 2018 | Sue Lester

Do your children (of any age) complain you treat them like little children? Chances are that’s how you see them inside, in your unconscious blueprints™, as cute little ones needing your care. Allowing them to grow up, inside and out, improves your relationship, plus assists them in growing into the confident, resilient, compassionate adults you’ll be proud to claim as your own.

My previous, WNA blog post “Introducing Your Unconscious Blueprints™” published on 8 December 2017, explains how our internal images, our ‘unconscious blueprints’ of ourselves, programmes our behaviour.

Our unconscious blueprints of others determine how we perceive and therefore treat them.  Family gatherings are the perfect time to observe the consequences in action.  Possibly you’ve experienced it yourself, with your own parents treating you like the child you used to be, and sometimes you might slip back into acting like that child too!  Or perhaps your older siblings treat you like the younger child rather than as the mature, confident and intelligent adult you are.

It doesn’t feel good, and sets the scene for conflict.  Likewise, your children, unless feeling ill (we all want some parental pampering then), want to be treated appropriately to their chronological ages. By holding a much younger image of them inside, you’ll become overprotective, which can smother, sparking rebellion, or smother their confidence, damping the spark of life and adventure. The consequences can be adult children who never leave home, continually sponging off parents financially, and not taking responsibility for their own lives and the consequences of their actions.

It’s through risk-taking and stretching our abilities that we learn and grow, and experience the satisfaction of overcoming challenges. Getting results we don’t want can build resilience, creative problem solving and critical thinking. Doing your child’s homework or projects is never a good idea, for that reason, if not for teaching honesty. Showing your offspring you believe in them by allowing them to make their own decisions and deal with their own consequences, is a form of love which truly nourishes and bonds.

So, what can you do if you suspect having dis-empowering unconscious blueprints of your children? Working with a mindset coach can re-programme your blueprints quickly and easily.  As well as, in the home, workplace, your wallet, social media, ensure all photos displayed are current ones. That helps enormously.  Be aware of resistance, and comments, and be open to honestly exploring your words and behaviour, to ensure they are appropriate to the chronological age of your ‘children’. Mind your language, and use, for example, ‘offspring’ or ‘name and name’ instead of ‘children’ or ‘kids’.

If you are struggling with your mindset and unconscious blueprints, leave me a comment or send me a message.