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Lisa Rubinstein Lisa Rubinstein is the founder and CEO of the Institute for Human Potential, an executive coach, trainer and the author of True Leadership The Source of Success. Phone: 0412 034 931. Email: lisarubinstein@thehpinstitute.com Website: www.thehpinstitute.com. Twitter: http://twitter.com/lisa_rubinstein. LinkedIn: http://au.linkedin.com/in/executiveexcellence.

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Building Your Leadership Brand Through the Internet

November 2, 2012 | Lisa Rubinstein

Discover how to leverage your professional social media presence online to further build your brand.
Discover how to leverage your professional social media presence online to further build your brand.

At a recent AICC lunch, Nick Leeder, MD of Google Australia and Tim Reed, CEO of MYOB, discussed how the Internet is becoming an integral part of business. While they used the example of Domino’s Pizza as a great success story, they struggled to define how the Internet can help those businesses that rely on a more personal approach.

Here’s what they left out:

LinkedIn’s metamorphosis into a business community is an excellent way to build your brand and develop global relationships. Beside viewing your qualifications and recommendations, potential customers can really understand your thinking before engaging any further.

More than a vehicle for displaying a CV or company brochure or for sending marketing messages, the true value of LinkedIn is in building your brand through participating in discussions, posting updates and sharing articles and research. It’s a great way to become known and valued in a global market and adds to your credibility as a thought leader.

With businesses that require many touch points to make a sale, LinkedIn, as well as blogging and Twitter, allow potential customers to check you out, without committing to anything to determine if your offer matches their need. It lets you reach out to them as well, communicating your beliefs in a medium that respects their own time and space.

Save Facebook for your friends, unless your business is a consumer product. If you are dealing with ideas and market leadership, you’re best served in the LinkedIn community. It’s growing, expanding and really is the immediate future of business communications.

What social media strategies have you been using for your business? What has been working for you? Share with everyone below by leaving a comment.