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Re-ignite Your Relationship Passion Using Your Unconscious Blueprints™

February 23, 2018 | Sue Lester

If the passion has disappeared from your marriage or relationship, then perhaps your unconscious blueprint of your spouse has morphed into another annoying teenager to pick up after, or a passion-killing ‘father figure’. Know it is possible to turn him back into that stud-muffin you fell in love with! My WNA blog post “Introducing Your […]

Take Time Out to Smell The Roses

February 22, 2018 | Pix Jonasson

We live in a fast-paced, busy, ever-connected and switched on world. It’s important that as you develop your speaking career, you put the ‘oxygen mask’ on yourself. First! They even encourage this on aeroplanes. We are all someone’s son or daughter, brother or sister, father or mother. We matter, and we need to take time […]

How To Find Local Businesses on LinkedIn

February 15, 2018 | Robyn Henderson

Are you creating a stack of LinkedIn connections that on the surface appear to have no relevance to your business? Are you a service provider e.g. massage therapist, professional cleaner, roof tiler or tradie? If you were asked where are your ideal customers based, would you answer – within 30 km. of where you live? […]

Are You Struggling With a Chatterbox?

February 14, 2018 | Kylie Warry

Have you ever had to deal with a Chatterbox?  Someone who loves to talk, tell stories and uses many more words than necessary?  They are lovely but if you are short on time, or impatient it can be tricky. Their subconscious catch cry is, “look at me, like me, appreciate me!” Last time we spoke […]

What Is Public Relations?

February 5, 2018 | Erik Bigalk

Ever wondered what Public Relations (PR) is and how it differs to Advertising or other marketing?  Not to worry – you are not alone! With the multifaceted services provided under the Public Relations umbrella, it’s often hard to define – meaning many overlook its power or place in the communication sphere and therefore lack its […]

Are You Struggling With a ‘My Way or The Highway’ Kind of Person?

January 26, 2018 | Kylie Warry

Have you ever had to work with a strong willed, highly opinionated Powerful and Direct Communicator? Someone who is so overpowering they just push everyone else aside?  If you have ever worked with this style you would know it!  They don’t mean to be like they are – to them it is normal. Based on […]

Overcoming Writer’s Block

January 25, 2018 | Pix Jonasson

As a public speaker, you will usually initially start by writing your speech or presentation about a certain topic – whether chosen by you, your client or your audience. Many people experience ‘writer’s block’. Fortunately for me, I rarely, if ever, suffer from this! I can easily create content in the written form, whether that […]

Tune in to Radio WIIFM

January 24, 2018 | Theresa Miller

When you scan your inbox, what are you thinking? Most likely it’s – WIIFM, or ‘what’s in it for me and that’s what your readers are thinking too. With overflowing inboxes, we need to filter out the irrelevant just to stay afloat. I once asked a room of business owners how many emails they receive […]

Are Your Unconscious Blueprints™ Holding Your Children Back?

January 23, 2018 | Sue Lester

Do your children (of any age) complain you treat them like little children? Chances are that’s how you see them inside, in your unconscious blueprints™, as cute little ones needing your care. Allowing them to grow up, inside and out, improves your relationship, plus assists them in growing into the confident, resilient, compassionate adults you’ll […]

The Importance of Face Time

December 4, 2017 | Theresa Miller

The National Australia bank has announced it will cut thousands of tellers’ jobs, eventually replaced them with Artificial Intelligence. This means there will be fewer people to talk to at your bank and more robots. While texts, emails and AI are convenient, the most crucial conversations we have in our lives are always best face-to-face. […]