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When a Prospect Becomes a Customer.

March 21, 2014 | Terri Mitchell AKA The Profit Frog

Turn your prospects into paying customers with these customer service tips.

There has been some debate over the question, “When does a prospect becomes a customer?”. Without doubt, it does depend upon your perspective. In essence, the divisive factor is whether the prospect buys from you or not. Some say, if the prospect does not buy, they remain a prospect. Others believe that from the moment […]

Writing a News Story VS Writing Web Content: 3 Similarities

March 14, 2014 | Elizabeth Campbell

Here are some great tips on writing compelling content for the web.

Writing content for the web is almost like a writing a news story. Of course, there are some elements that a web story has that you won’t often find in a news story such as keywords and bold and italic fonts, and it’s not as conversational, but the structure is similar: Write a great headline […]

4 Ways Engaging With the Government Could Help Your Organisation

February 26, 2014 | Jo Scard

Here are some great tips to engaging with politicians and government representatives.

Engaging with the government might seem like a lofty goal for those of us who aren’t mining magnates or CEOs. But it’s easier than you may think. The wide range of government objectives and programs means there are opportunities for everyone to get involved. And there are a range of ways that government engagement could […]

Customer Service – serving into the community.

February 20, 2014 | Terri Mitchell AKA The Profit Frog

Cause related marketing - connect your business by serving within your local neighbourhood and beyond.

Australians are renowned for responding to charitable need, after disaster befalls the community or individuals. Be it natural tragedies, ailing health or family bereavement, the Aussie spirit manifests itself in many ways and sees complete strangers chip in to help someone faced with loss and desolation. As a business owner, you can boost your standing […]

There’s Nothing Saintly About St Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2014 | Sue Lester

What's your prefered language of love? Visual or auditory?

If I were a retailer of flowers, chocolates and jewellery I would probably absolutely adore St Valentine’s Day. But I’m not, so I don’t.  Please permit me to rant, just a little, before sharing some home truths.  The rant is about the emotional blackmail encouraged by retailers and media, and pimped by some radio stations.  Love and […]

How To Send a Recommendation or Testimonial on LinkedIn

February 6, 2014 | Robyn Henderson

LinkedIn has announced the highest ranking job titles. Some didn't even exist 5 years ago.

Have you ever sent a testimonial or recommendation on LinkedIn? Sending recommendations is a great way of acknowledging great suppliers in your network, showing appreciation and increasing your LinkedIn activity. So how do you do send a testimonial? 1. Identify the person you want to send a testimonial to. 2. Put their name in the […]

How Content Writing Can Help Boost Your “Webutation”

February 5, 2014 | Elizabeth Campbell


Webutation – cool word, isn’t it? Just as it sounds, it is simply your (or your business’s) reputation on the web ( This can be your social media presence, blog, website or online articles. While there are many people and businesses who have a high-profile “webutation” already, it doesn’t mean you can’t. But it does […]

Effective Marketing on a Budget – it can be done!

January 29, 2014 | Jo Scard

There's a multitude of low cost marketing ideas available to small business owners.

Working with small businesses and Not-For-Profits across Australia, I know there’s a hunger for low-cost marketing ideas that have a real impact. Here are three of my favourites: Media releases and pitches – If you’re proud of your work, tell people about it. If making ice-cream is your specialty, contact publications like Gourmet traveller or […]

Bring Back Good Old Fashioned Customer Service

January 24, 2014 | Terri Mitchell AKA The Profit Frog

Is good old customer service missing from your business?

 Have you ever asked yourself, “Whatever happened to Good, Old Fashioned Customer Service?” During the 1980s, technology and commercialisation became the catch-cries for businesses looking to reduce expenditure on staffing, increase profit margins, cut the costs of operation, and manipulate and control the customer experience. However, many business owners forgot one thing: serving the customer […]

Content writing: 8 Tips For Writing Awesome Headlines

January 21, 2014 | Elizabeth Campbell

A killer headline is the most important element of your article, blog or advertisement.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, right? That’s why your headline is one of the most important elements of your story, blog or web page. Think of your headline as your introduction to the viewer who’s landed on your page. You want them to stay a while and become a […]