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WNA Blog Home » Marketing Articles

Social Media Infographic – Sizing Information

July 20, 2016 | Danielle MacInnis

Social media photo cropping tools

Getting the images right for your social media is a key part of a professional image. Matt from has a great template to assist you and your graphic artist get the size right every time. This inforgraphic does the following: An image sizing cheat sheet for every social platform so you’ll have a handy […]

7 Psychological Triggers that Make Your Marketing More Powerful

June 13, 2016 | Sigrid de Kaste

7 Step Marketing strategies

Marketing uses ‘psychology’ to attract attention and ‘persuade’ the target to take an action. This might be to enter an email address in exchange for information or to purchase a product Here are 7 Psychological Triggers you can use in your marketing today to achieve more successful outcomes: Psychological Trigger #1: BE SPECIFIC The more […]

What is Remarketing?

May 25, 2016 | Danielle MacInnis


So what is remarketing? That is what I hear from a number of small businesses. Remarketing is targeting those people who have already visited your website that may not have finished an action. Have you ever been to a website and then start seeing their web banners everywhere? That is remarketing. That company sets up a […]

You Are Never Not Marketing

May 13, 2016 | Sigrid de Kaste


Although we don’t typically think of ourselves this way, we are all marketers and constantly marketing. We market ourselves and our product or service with the aim to influence. When we are the product, we influence others to like and trust us. When we offer a product or service, our marketing needs to influence customers […]

Optimising Your Creative Agency Relationship

May 12, 2016 | Emelye Lovell


Working in branding, we hold in our hands the power to influence perception about companies and organisations. In fact the very basis of our education in university is around changing emotions, beliefs and ultimately, behaviours. But as with any power, comes a level of responsibility. For those in branding and marketing, it is not misrepresenting […]

Lessons in Clever Marketing From the LEGO Brand

May 6, 2016 | Sigrid de Kaste

Lego Marketing Lessons

How would you like to achieve a 25% jump in revenues and a 31% rise in net profits in your business? That’s what LEGO, the Danish toymaker, announced they achieved for 2015 How is this possible, after nearly disappearing as irrelevant in a digital toy market just a few years ago… and what can we […]

How To Choose The Right Trademark Service Provider

April 27, 2016 | Binh Rey

Not all Trademark Service Providers are exactly the same. You need to select wisely.

Lots of companies offer trademarking as a service, but not all service providers do it well. Finding the right service provider to take care of your trademarking can be like walking through a minefield. If it’s your first time registering a trademark, there’s a good chance you won’t know what the process is, what to […]

Great Business and Marketing Tools

April 22, 2016 | Danielle MacInnis

Here is a great resource for free small business business tools. I found this resource really handy. Hope you do too!

Avoid Making a $200,000 Trademark Mistake

March 24, 2016 | Binh Rey

Learn from this recent trademark court case reported by Cara Waters of the Sydney Morning Herald: MUSASHI® v A-Sashi: Nestle wins trademark battle against Aussie small business Small business owner James Christian has been forced to stop trading after losing a courtroom battle against Nestle over the use of the word “A-Sashi”.     Christian started […]

5 Twitter Tips For Lead Generation

March 21, 2016 | Corinna Essa

Twitter know-how: Use these 5 tips to find new customers.

With over 316 million users, Twitter represents a massive opportunity for businesses to generate a consistent flow of targeted leads, day in, day out.  From freelance writers to workplace safety companies, anyone can now tap into the power of Twitter to find, connect and engage with their ideal customers using the 5 tips below: Twitter […]