Binh Rey
Binh Rey Binh Rey is the Principal Consultant and founder of Seriously Trademarks, she is passionate about helping people and companies to successfully brand and protect their most important business asset, their name. Binh has worked in senior marketing and sales roles within the IT industry for over 15 years, and thus truly understands the importance of branding products and/or services to gain a competitive edge in the market place. Binh holds a Masters of Business in Marketing from the University of Technology, Sydney and has worked within the trademarking services industry for the last five years. Her trademark success rate for clients is over 90% since establishing Seriously Trademarks. She really enjoys learning and helping people find the right protection for their brand. Seriously Trademarks was established with an ambitious aim of providing honest affordable service with great customer care.

Binh Rey has written 22 article(s) for us.

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Do You Know Which Trademark Is Right For Your Business?

July 23, 2015 | Binh Rey

Protecting your brand with trademarking is so important to all businesses large and small.

Everyone has an opinion on what a trademark is when asked, many say it’s a symbol, a logo, a word, a slogan and a brand.  And they would all be right! The reason many have an intuitive understanding of what a trademark represents is because since our birth, we’ve been bombarded with advertising and subconsciously linking messages with brands.

I remember when my son was born, one of the first things he saw would have been the logo of St Vincent’s Private Hospital on the midwife’s monogrammed uniform.  Then my son was passed onto me to cuddle and I was wearing a red NIKE singlet! He would have seen the “swish” logo.

Love it or hate it, the Coca Cola brand is highly recognisable and serves as a good example of how trademarking is used to protect a brand idea.

There are four types of trademarks that can be applied for. Using Coca Cola* as the example, we will illustrate how each type differs.

Type 1: Word trademark – One word or one phrase in plain text

Company:  Coca Cola

Product:  Coca Cola, Coca Cola Life, Diet Coke

Slogan: Open Happiness

Type 2: Text logo – One word or one phrase in stylised text. STYLISED text on its own is considered to be a text logo.


Company logo


Coca Cola product logo

Coca Cola life product logo

Diet Coke product logo


Open Happiness logo
Type 3: A single logo – With or without text. The logo is a symbol containing a design element such as an underline or background colour. One of the most famous non text symbol logos is the Nike** swish.


Coca Cola company logo seen on signage

Coca Cola company logo seen on signage

Nike Swish logo

Nike Swish logo


Coca Cola logo used on product packaging

Coca Cola logo used on product packaging

Coca Cola zero logo for product

Diet Coke logo


Open Happiness logo

Nike Just Do It slogan logo

Type 4: A Trade Mark other than described in the above categories. An example is product packaging design.

bottle image

Coca Cola new bottle packaging design

Coca Cola new bottle packaging design

Now that you know the types of trademarks you can apply for, how do you know which one you need for your business? Knowing what trademark is best for you is important, as small to medium size business have limited funds, they often only protect the word and/or the logo within the industry that they operate in.

You want the word trademark!

A word trademark is the strongest trademark you can own, however in some cases it is not available because:

  1. A registered trademark is blocking your application.
  2. The name is commonly used within your industry.

Contact us at Seriously Trademarks® if you have any questions about which trademark is right for you.

* Coca Cola,Coke, Cola Cola life, Diet Coke, Coca Cola Zero are registered trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company a Delaware Corporation.

** Nike, Just Do It and swish logo are registered trademarks of Nike Innovate C.V.