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Jenny Cartwright Australia’s leading telephone sales expert, Jenny Cartwright, is also a sales strategist, sales trainer and coach. She has had over 30 years’ hands-on, 'in the trenches' experience in guiding many of Australia’s leading companies to the pinnacle of sales success. Jenny now owns her own training company Sales and Telesales Solutions. She has personally trained over 25,000 people in sales, telesales and customer service over the last 14 years. She runs public workshops all over Australia and conducts in-house customised training for companies worldwide.

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How to Conquer the Cold Calling Blues

September 28, 2012 | Jenny Cartwright

Use these tips to stay positive when making telesales.

It is so important to have a positive attitude when you are making sales calls on the phone. If you focus on getting rejections, then I am sorry, that is what you will get. When you focus on getting interest from the client, you will have more success. If a negative thought enters your head, pinch yourself, write it down and change it to a positive, goal-supporting statement immediately.

It is definitely self-motivating when you have a goal of how many calls you are going to make and you have some idea how many calls you have to make on average over a day to make a sale. If one day you make, on average, one sale or appointment in 20 calls, then you’ll know that every “no” is getting you closer to a “yes”.

When you know your batting average, you will be much more motivated. It might not be spot on 20 calls that you get the next sale but it will be somewhere around that figure. You might make 35 calls, get nothing and then you get 2 sales in a row.

So what happens when you come into the office with a hangover, feeling unwell or just plain tired? You really don’t feel like making sales calls.  It would be good to have some strategies up your sleeve to get yourself out of that state into a positive mode, wouldn’t it? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Make your office space tidy so you are not cluttered with paper all around you which might cause you to feel more stressed.
  2. Review your goals and objectives and know why you are doing the job you are doing.  What is this job going to give you – money, prestige, a sense of achievement, a new car? Get inspired again.
  3. Learn something more about the product or service you are promoting to give you more information to talk about with the customer.
  4. Make calls for a two hour stretch and have a break. Walk around to energise yourself.
  5. Reward yourself for every  two hours of focused calling – a cup of coffee, a pat on the back, a phone call to a friend.
  6. Focus on your successes, not your failures.
  7. Try to incorporate some healthy activity every day – walking, yoga, swimming, and bike riding, whatever you like as long as you are moving!
  8. Think of something far more frightening than what you are currently doing (ie: if you fear rejection). Then it makes what you are doing look easy.
  9. Have things around you that make you feel relaxed.  If you are allowed background music, play it, if you have a nice screensaver, use it, if you like the smell of fresh flowers, buy yourself some to display on your desk.  Have photos of people you like around you.
  10. Develop an “I can” attitude.

Do you have to make sales calls for your business? What techniques do you use to get past the negative reactions you receive throughout the day?