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Danielle MacInnis Danielle thinks like a customer. Even as a little kid she has always shown deep empathy for others. Dan uses this customer insight to help small businesses create practical marketing strategies that work. Using this customer centric approach and her 20 years experience in sales and marketing, Dan takes what is in your head, adds her expertise to create a system to assist you make better marketing decisions, attracts a regular stream of ideal customers and creates a brand that your employees and customers will love!

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How to Create a Personal Brand Checklist

October 25, 2012 | Danielle MacInnis

Here are some fabulous tips and resources that will help with creating your brand and digital footprint.

Changes in how people communicate, research and connect have created the need for you to own your digital footprint or personal brand. I have researched personal branding and have come up with a checklist which can assist you to do this. I hope you will find it useful.

“Your personal brand is comprised of your character, competence and charisma. It’s who you are, what you do and why you’re special. You have to create it, claim it and then make sure everyone in your network knows about it!”

“The fundamental unit of the new economy is not the corporation but the individual.” Tom Peters

Process  BRAND YOU!

Below is a process that you can use to create your personal brand. First Google yourself – do you come up? You need to control what is being said about you, how you are being represented and how you are being seen. If you are not online you are invisible.

1. Planning Stage

Why? What are your goals for branding yourself? 

“Vision is a love affair with an idea.” Clarke and Crossland

  • Visibility, Preference, Credibility, Engagement, Influence, Perception

Who? Who is your audience and who do you want to influence? Choose a niche or target audience (make branding easy).

“It is easy to decide what you are going to do. The hard thing is to decide what you are not going to do.” Michael Dell

  • Key stakeholders
  • Influencers
  • Niche

2. Extract and Get and External View Point

What is your current brand identity? Identifying brand You. Me Inc.

This involves looking at yourself and your attributes in a brutally honest way. It takes guts to unflinchingly take stock of the details of your life, personality and achievements.

What do you like and what can you improve upon?

External Feedback  current reputation

  • 360 reach – online tool
  • What words would you use to describe me?
  • Listen to how you are introduced.
  • What am I good at?

“All the worlds a stage. I love the Brand You idea, the brand you life. It is my life. My love. My art. My craft. My performance.” Tom Peters

Your personal ethics: What you stand for?

3 Brand rules: clarity, consistency, constancy. One core message.

“Create a cause not a business.” Gary Hamel

What do you want it to be? Own your brand.

  • Work out what traits you want to scrap and what you want to profile.
  • What is the pitch? Take a position. What do you want to be known for?

3. Express Stage – Getting your message out there

How will you reach your target market of people you want to influence? Choose the right tools!

“We are CEOs of our own companies: ME Inc. To be in business today, our most important job to be head marketer for the brand called you.” Tom Peters

Using collateral: your look, feel and style – evaluate your touch points:

  • Positioning Brand Statement – attach an idea to yourself
  • Elevator pitch – express your essence in a sentence
  • Profile
  • Portfolio
  • Biography
  • Press kit
  • Cover letter
  • Social media profiles; LinkedIn profile
  • Recommendations
  • Success stories
  • Your brand identity system – name in font, tagline, colour, thank you notes
  • PR
  • Domains
  • Website
  • Email accounts and signature
  • Phone message
  • Texting
  • Pictures
  • Events
  • Office environment
  • Personal style; (reflect your brand) grooming, clothing, posture, communication style
  • Forums – On and off line
  • Networking associations

The end game is a media or communication plan for you.

4. Ongoing Measurement

  • Google
  • Google Alerts
  • Network expansion
  • Projects
  • Recommendations
  • PR
  • Vizibility

If you are not branding yourself, you can be assured that others are doing it for you!


Reach – Online branding

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Colin Wright – How to be remarkable

Jump start your personal brand

Tom Peters the brand you 50 – his book on Amazon

Dan Schawbel – Personal Branding Blog

Personal Branding Slideshare – Kristian Andersen

Your brand survey – Brand You

Online ID calculator

Personal Branding Summit in iTunes

Online Johari Window – your key attributes


“Personal branding is all about soft power. It’s about knowing how you add remarkable, distinctive, measurable value, and being able to communicate and market yourself and your ideas. The reason most people don’t succeed is not because they lack business or technical skills. It’s because they lack soft power skills: the ability to communicate well, to influence and persuade, to build a powerful network of business associates, and to plan a career strategy that maximizes your strengths and the realities of the marketplace.” Katherine Kaputa

  • Hi Dan,

    I have read more and more about business moving this way. I’ve quickly looked at the “BrandYouSurvey” (will come back to it). It looks interesting!

    Good tips in this post — thank you. 🙂