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Increase Referral Traffic From Social Media With Blog Shares

August 12, 2015 | Sorcha Mullis

So you’ve got your blog content strategy in place – you’ve been writing and posting and sharing for a few weeks and you’re underwhelmed with the amount of social traffic you’ve been getting.

Follow these four quick and dirty rules to maximise your referral traffic from social media when sharing your blog posts.

Share more than once

With business page visibility decreasing on social networks decreasing all the time, how do you make sure your followers see your post? You might think sharing the same post multiple times with your audience would be spamming or pestering them, but as long as you do it in the right way your followers won’t become jaded and your social referral traffic will soar.

Just as you have a content calendar for your blog, you should also have a content/sharing calendar for your social profiles. Sharing more than once will increase the percentage of your followers who see and engage in your post. Imagine the below stats as an example:

Shares Engagement
1st Share (when blog is originally posted) 10 clicks through to the article
2nd Share (one week later) 5 more clicks through to the article
3rd Share (one month later) 3 more clicks through to the article
Total 18 social referrals
Increased engagement (compared to just one share) +80%

When sharing your post for the first time you will likely include a comment similar to your main headline. When sharing a second or third time there’s no need to be repetitive – pull out another interesting quote or hook and use that as the lead.

Create a social sharing calendar to incorporate new posts, old posts, industry news, fun images, infographics and engagement and you’re sure to delight followers and boost your social referral traffic.

Share at the right time

There are hundreds of studies and metrics out there about the best day of the week and the best time of the day to post on social media in order to be most visible to your desired audience, and this can change based on the industry you’re in and the demographic of the audience you’re trying to target. Do some research and figure out the ideal time/day for your industry/target demographic.

Hashtags, Hashtags Everywhere

People use hashtags to engage in wider conversations than just their followers. Find out what hashtags people in your network or desired network are utilising and use them in your posts. These could be very specific terms related to your products or services, or broader terms related to your industry, location or just business in general. Trial out some new hashtags each time and see how your engagement and shares change. Make a note of hashtags that get a lot of favourites, retweets and follows and aim to engage more in those topics.

Share directly and engage

Did you write the post with a specific customer persona in mind? (I hope so!). Find out where people like those you want to reach are already gathering, discussing and sharing online and directly share the post with them. Engage and participate in their discussion and offer your post as a solution or talking point. If you’re a B2B company this might be in LinkedIn groups or discussion. And for B2C check out some forums related to your products/services on places like Whirlpool, Quora, Yahoo Answers or Reddit. Find out more great tips about forum marketing here.

Also, did you quote anyone else’s work or statistics in your article? Did you link to someone else’s resource? If so then tell them about it and ask them to share! Twitter is good for this – just send them a direct tweet to share the post and thank them for their indirect input.

Test out these tactics and keep an eye on your social shares and Google Analytics referrals – you’re bound to start seeing some increasing numbers very soon.