Christine McKee
Christine McKee Christine McKee, a registered psychologist, is director of BE Institute, a psychology consulting and training organisation in Brisbane, Australia. She uses a combination of eastern philosophy and modern psychological techniques with her clients in the corporate, private practice, mining, government, and not-for-profit arenas. The 4-phase BE by Design process results in personal empowerment for individuals, maximising potential of leaders and their teams to achieve business excellence and conscious parenting (pre and post conception). Christine is published author of BE by Design: How I BE Is Up to Me, an empowering “owner’s manual for the brain” which will guide you to understand your most precious asset and how, through simple and practical strategies, you can be the best you can BE. Christine also writes regularly for several online journals.

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Intention Setting for Glorious Business Outcomes

June 24, 2013 | Christine McKee

Why is intention setting to achieve awesome business outcomes of value you may ask?

Well, when you PAUSE to consciously consider what high quality outcomes you desire for your business (or any other area of your life for that matter), it enables you to alter any habitual behaviour, like procrastination or lack mentality such as ‘I don’t know how to market my business?’ or ‘Social media is too hard to keep up with’ and you will create better results. Basically, when you set rocking intentions, you catch yourself in old thought patterns, habits and beliefs that may not be generating successful outcomes and then you are in a position to change the way you go about business, moment by moment.

Setting an intention is easy – you simply state what you want. BUT because your brain is keen for you to operate via habit and autopilot as often as possible, to shake your brain up and make it work for you, you need to assign it a task. Asking open-ended questions sets your brain into action and off it goes like a wonderful personal assistant, exploring all of the ways to get answers to your questions.

Let’s say you choose to set an intention today to write two journal articles and create three networking opportunities to get your business name out into the marketplace.

Notice how the intention is CLEAR and SPECIFIC: two articles; three networking opportunities; today.

To ignite your brain into action, you can switch it on by asking it questions that will lead to your intention being fulfilled. For the above example, some useful questions to ask may be:

  • Who is my target business audience?
  • What appropriate networking groups operate within a 100-kilometre radius of Brisbane (insert your city or location here)?
  • What contacts do I currently have who I can connect with?
  • How will I create a distraction-free environment so I can write the journal articles?
  • What tasks can I schedule for next week, to free the space to write the articles?
  • Of all the networking possibilities available to me, which ones will be most likely to connect with my product?
  • What healthy beliefs do I hold about my ability to network and sell my business successfully?
  • What sabotaging beliefs (if any) do I hold about my ability to network and sell my business successfully? How can I change my belief to a healthier option?
  • What are five actions I will take to ensure I achieve what I intend?
  • How will I ensure I give myself the space to PAUSE to ensure I am on track?

Your turn! Come up with one clear intention you have for your business. Then identify at least five open-ended questions to get your brain focused on achieving what you want. Then share it with us below, so we can all learn from each other. Enjoy!