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Natalie Alaimo Natalie Alaimo is a social media marketing expert who teaches small business owners & entrepreneurs how to build the brand of "YOU" via social media & online marketing to create an avalanche of clients ready to buy from you. She runs workshops around Australia and is the creator of The Social Media Blueprint - Managing Your Social Media in 10 min per day. A Gold Coast, Australian local she enjoys networking, painting and spending time with her family. Natalie is an international speaker and has spoken at events such as: BNI International Members Conference, Business Women Incorporated, GBC Australia Sales Conference, Self Storage Association, Central Chamber of Commerce & Women's Network Australia on the topics of: social media marketing, branding you, online marketing & networking. She is also a blogger for Telstra and has been published in the international magazine The Mompreneur.

Natalie Alaimo has written 40 article(s) for us.

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Is Your Website Working Independently of Your Facebook Page?

September 11, 2012 | Natalie Alaimo

Learn how to get your Facebook page and your website working together.

So you have your website and you have your Facebook page… but are they working together? Facebook is a great place to attract, find and interact with new prospects for your business but it’s not so great for selling your products and services.

Facebook is social and like ousted GM Marketing Chief said, “It’s like having a night out with the family and someone comes up to your table and says, ‘Hey, I’ve got a car I want to sell you,” he said, “It doesn’t work.”

Your market isn’t on Facebook to be sold to. This is where your website comes in. One of the many reasons you might not be getting results from your Facebook efforts is that you are running it independently of your website, sales process and overall marketing plan.

Facebook is only one part of your marketing strategy (not the complete strategy) and it’s important that you integrate it with your website.

Here are 5 actions you can take to help bridge the gap between your website and Facebook Page

About Section

At the very top of your Page is your about section – basically it’s an introduction or teaser about your Page. In this section you must include a link to your website. Your potential clients (and existing ones) can then take the next steps with your company, all of which should be taking place on your website rather than on Facebook. Selling on Facebook doesn’t work.

Info Section

Just like your ‘about us’ page on your website, the Info Section is one of the most looked at and is the best way to build credibility with your audience. The Info Section on your Facebook page is where people click through to find out more info and if you are who you say you are. Is your website linked here? It should be… Anyone can set up a Facebook page within five minutes, adding a link to your website builds credibility and makes your business look more professional.

Building Your List

The likelihood of someone buying from you the first time they find you is slim to none. However people are always interested in receiving information on your topic or industry. So why not put together a report with some of your best information and ask people for their email address in return for a copy. They get great information and you get their email address so you can continue to build the relationship and eventually convert them to a sale. How does this relate to Facebook? You tell them on Facebook of your awesome report and point them back to your website to download a copy.

Custom Tabs

Using custom tabs you can bring some of your website directly to your Facebook Page. Whether it be an opt-in box (to give away your free report), your latest blog post or simply your ‘about’ page you can integrate your website into Facebook. I like to use a free app called – WooBox, which allows you to add your website url and it pulls the information automatically from your website for you.

Updates, Photos & Videos

You can use your status updates, photos and videos as a teaser to get people back to your website. How? Create a attention grabbing headline and provide a link to where they can find out more information. You can do the same with your photo and video descriptions. Here is an example: “On Friday I was innocently sharing my thoughts on email address and domain names – and boy did it create a stir of conversation… Find out what I’m talking about here”

What are you waiting for? Jump over to your Facebook page now and make sure you are connecting it with your website. Remember these two elements shouldn’t be run in isolation – they must work together for you to get the maximum results. If you would like more info and action the step to getting your website and Facebook Page working together get my free report – Social Media Blueprint: 9 Steps To Getting Results Fast On Social Media in Only 10 Minutes Per Day. You can download it here.

Have you been working on your business Facebook presence? What has been working for you? Please comment below so we can all learn from each other.