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LinkedIn Groups Have Moved – Here’s How To Find Them

September 21, 2017 | Robyn Henderson

Did you think that LinkedIn Groups had been deleted? Well the good news is, it hasn’t, it has just been relocated.

Like me are you guilty of not visiting groups as often as you would like? I normally save spending time in the groups section for those times when I have a spare half hour or so usually in a ‘waiting situation’ – airports, early for meetings, etc. However, the last time I went to visit groups, I could not find it anywhere.

A big thank you to Marion Gropen, the CFO By-The-Question to Small and Independent Book Publishers who shared this great advice via the Ebooks, Ebook Readers, Digital Books and Digital Content Publishing LinkedIn group earlier this month.

I am quoting Marion’s advice:

  • Activity Notifications: Your activity notifications settings for your groups get reset to ‘none’ every so often, most especially if you are not clicking on the emails when you get them. You need to re-set them for each group, and you need to click through on the emails or you’ll stop getting them. They also do NOT include most activity in busy groups. There’s no way to know about that unless you visit the group’s home page regularly.
  • Invisible Admin Actions: If you post something, and you get no response, it’s very likely that your post was deleted by a group manager. It will appear to be there for you – but ONLY for you. No one else can see it. Similarly, if an admin places you on moderation, you may not be able to tell that anything has changed.
  • Group Rules: Since LinkedIn has removed the most critical tools for group management, most group admins (not in this group, but most) have become increasingly likely to kick out anyone who breaks the posted rules. But the rules are hard to find. It’s easiest to find them in your browser, on a computer. Go to your home page, to the drop down menu labelled ‘work’. Click on Groups. This takes you to the so-called groups highlights page. Click on “My Groups” at the top of the page. From there, you can reset your notifications settings, but you can also click on the name. That takes you to the home page of each group. At the top of the right hand column are the group details. The last line of that is a link to the groups rules.
  • Advice: I would bookmark the homepages for any active and interesting groups you have. Each change so far has made them harder to find.

A huge thank you to Marion Gropen, for such clear instructions. May I recommend the LinkedIn group – Ebooks, Ebook Readers, Digital Books and Digital Content Publishing if you currently write or are intending to write Ebooks, etc. in the future. It is a very useful group.

This is one of the great things I love about using LinkedIn – there is always someone who knows the answer to your question and they are prepared to share it generously with you. Would love to connect with you if you are not already part of my LinkedIn connections.