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Dianna Jacobsen Dianna empowers women! Her passion is supporting women to create effective strategies to not only develop their businesses, but also to achieve fulfilling lives by optimising life balance, personal empowerment and healthy relationships. Dianna is the founder of 'Shine at Business', and she has qualifications in accounting, financial planning and counselling, and a lengthy background in small business development.

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Money Follows Mindset

January 31, 2017 | Dianna Jacobsen

A few months ago my blog discussion was based around rediscovering the ‘wealthy you’, in terms of recognising the abundance that surrounds each of us every day, in countless aspects such as plentiful food, enjoying nature, health, happiness, enriching experiences, fulfilling relationships, rewarding occupations, freedom of choice, and so forth, regardless of what our current financial situation may be.

Now you may think that I’m just being Polyanna-ish, or spiritual, or cosmic, or something of that kind; but no. There is, in fact, a whole field of psychology around money, and the crux of this broad topic is that MONEY FOLLOWS MINDSET. That’s it. Simple.

This means that if we spend time and energy feeling negative, worried, disempowered or fearful around money, and indulging in ‘scarcity’ thinking, then the results we see are most likely going to reflect this lack mentality…. and in turn further support our belief that we need to feel negative, worried, disempowered and fearful!

Conversely, if we can feel positive, we will create a whole different set of results for ourselves. And the best part is, that we do not need to feel positive specifically around money, particularly if we think we don’t have ‘enough’, we just need to feel positive, full stop. By feeling positive, we can muster up a sense of empowerment which allows us to see and appreciate all the other aspects of ‘wealth’ in our lives, and to feel gratitude for these ‘layers of wealth’ we are blessed with.

This, in turn, leaves us feeling ‘rich’ within, thereby having created a ‘wealth’ or prosperity mindset…. Which in turn will lead to our financial position following suit, just like water finding its own level.

Now, obviously it doesn’t just ‘happen’ in that money falls into your lap, but it is pretty miraculous once you are aware of this phenomenon, and begin to observe it in yourself and others. However, it is a universal principal, called the Law of Attraction, so it does occur whether or not you believe in it. Clearly you need to take responsibility for your finances, and seek expert advice on matters such as debt management, investments, superannuation, insurances, asset protection, tax entities, business management, staff leadership, estate planning and the like, and have your team of advisers guide you through the decisions and structures appropriate to your needs and goals. However, by feeling positive and empowered, regardless of your actual financial position initially, you will start to act like the wealthy person you intend to become, thereby becoming that person! You will also begin to see abundance in other aspects, such as things you need to buy becoming available through other means, such as a gift or windfall.

Still don’t believe me? Give it a try……. The proof is in the profit!