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Speakers – Being Prepared

February 9, 2017 | Pix Jonasson

At a recent function where I was the MC, I was given a pretty rudimentary ‘Run Sheet’ from my client.

In fact, I was told I was to start at 12:45pm and as it turned out, I was actually “on” from 12:00pm. This obviously came as a surprise to me!.

However, I also had to be at the venue for a 10:00am briefing, so fortunately I had blocked out the morning to undertake my due diligence and preparation work, so I was able to take it all in my stride.

Activities on the day included Lucky Door Prizes, Ladies and Men’s Best Dressed, Fashion Parade, entertainment (a 3 piece instrumental band), guest speaker and a luncheon.

With the time I had allowed myself before-hand I was able to connect with the venue coordinator, the band, the fashion parade coordinator and the guest speaker. I took them through a series of questions so that I had a full understanding of their involvement, role, activities and the garments etc.

If I had not done my due diligence and was not prepared, the luncheon, which had over 250 attendees would not have run as smoothly or professionally as it did. Let’s face it, if it all appeared disorganised it certainly would not have been a positive outcome for me or ‘my brand’.

Taking into account the last minute changes that were sprung on me, I received very positive feedback after the event, with people enjoying the day and saying what a wonderful job I had done. However, this was no accident. In the most part, it was all due to the fact that I had been prepared and researched all the activities that as the MC I was required to cover and highlight on the day.

My tip for all presenters is to always be fully prepared and ready for the unknown when you are invited or paid to speak. Of course there will always be those “left field” occasions that arise. But proper planning really does prevent poor performance.

Here’s to your speaking success! See you in the stages of the world.