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Caryn Walsh Caryn Walsh - Empowering Women to Thrive Caryn Walsh empowers leaders, business owners, teams and women on 3 continents around the globe working as an international leadership and team development specialist, executive and women’s coach and facilitator and she speaks at approximately 15 conferences internationally each year. She works across all sectors – from government to education, from corporate to community – helping people and Organisations thrive. She is at the helm of Empowering Women to Thrive, an Organisation that helps women of all ages, colours and creeds grow to be the very best they can be! Empowering Women to Thrive has helped thousands of women over the years take personal charge of their lives, their careers, their relationships and their hopes and have been encouraged to live ‘BIG.’ Caryn, a psychologist, runs women’s programs publicly and in a range of community and corporate based Organisations, with a focus on helping them build self-confidence, courage resilience and learn how to embrace and enjoy success.

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The 9 Step Formula To Personal Empowerment

May 16, 2017 | Caryn Walsh

We hear the world ‘empowerment’ thrown around so regularly today, that we may struggle to understand what it means as a Woman.  And equally important is how we can learn it.

What is Personal Empowerment?*

Developing the confidence and strength to set realistic goals and fulfil your potential. All women have strengths and weaknesses and a range of skills that are used in everyday situations, but all too often they remain unaware of, or undervalue, their true abilities. 

Personal Empowerment means different things to different women:

To be the best we can be, means we achieve those goals that are important to us, individually.  We are different so will have different dreams for our lives.  But there are key factors in becoming personally empowered as a woman:

  1. Know yourself, your strengths, weaknesses and think about the dreams you have.
  2. Be confident in yourself and your abilities, if you don’t, who will? Many successful business women appear to be confident at work, but aren’t always in their personal lives or vice versa.
  3. Set goals and work out what you want to achieve , either in business or in your personal lives, empowerment is about knowing what you want to achieve and making the right choices to make success part of your life.
  4. Have a plan. Unless you have a plan to make your dreams or goals come true (and follow the plan) they are nothing more than hopes or dreams – because you don’t have a strategy to achieve them.
  5. Stand your ground and be assertive in how you communicate with others at work, home and in live overall. Don’t back down when you believe in something but learn the difference between being aggressive and assertive.  They are fundamentally different.
  6. Learn good communication skills – of which the most critical are listening, empathy, being assertive and open ended questioning.
  7. Be resilient. Go for what you want and when you experience setbacks, stand up and keep going. Bounce forward.
  8. Be optimistic. Research indicates that optimistic people tend to be more successful in life overall.
  9. Be serious about becoming empowered but don’t take yourself too seriously.

Becoming personally empowered is a process.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  Allow yourself to make mistakes and celebrate successes. 

Follow the 9-rule formula and go out and make your life happen.  Thrive!

* Sourcewww.skillsyouneed.com/ps/personal-empowerment.html