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Caryn Walsh Caryn Walsh - Empowering Women to Thrive Caryn Walsh empowers leaders, business owners, teams and women on 3 continents around the globe working as an international leadership and team development specialist, executive and women’s coach and facilitator and she speaks at approximately 15 conferences internationally each year. She works across all sectors – from government to education, from corporate to community – helping people and Organisations thrive. She is at the helm of Empowering Women to Thrive, an Organisation that helps women of all ages, colours and creeds grow to be the very best they can be! Empowering Women to Thrive has helped thousands of women over the years take personal charge of their lives, their careers, their relationships and their hopes and have been encouraged to live ‘BIG.’ Caryn, a psychologist, runs women’s programs publicly and in a range of community and corporate based Organisations, with a focus on helping them build self-confidence, courage resilience and learn how to embrace and enjoy success.

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The Business of Living Life Authentically

August 10, 2017 | Caryn Walsh

Being personally empowered means being who you really are all the time. Successful women know who they are, they are happy ‘in their own skin’ and don’t feel the need to be the person others want them to be.  Neither do they mould their behaviour, personality or values to suit those with whom they hang around. Or with whom they sit at the boardroom table.

Simply, they are true to themselves, they are genuine and authentic and so are predictable and unwavering in their way of being.

Women who know and accept themselves are people who take responsibility for their own happiness and lives and don’t rely on others (particularly a partner) to make them happy or to ‘complete’ them.  They do it themselves and if they struggle to do so, they get help in the form of coaching, mentoring or counselling.

Warts and all…

Being successful means looking at what you do well, and being able to see what you struggle with and realising that you have areas on which to focus to improve.  Nobody is perfect (although you may have met some who think they are close to perfection!) and living authentically means knowing there are things you need to work on in order to live a better life, have good relationships around you and generally live in happily.

These women accept themselves warts and all, but strive to work on, and improve, those behaviours, thoughts or actions that compromise their effectiveness.

Why is Oprah so successful?

According to an article in the Huffington PostShe has broken down the walls of her ego and chiseled through her outer shell over the years and what we get to experience is a woman who is completely authentic. There is no acting or behaviour to entertain or make certain people happy. Her raw emotions and the words that come out of her mouth are connected to her divine nature.  The divine in her connects with the divine nature in each of us, which is why we all love her.

Moving forward…

What are your strengths, areas for improvements and opportunities to be the best woman you can be and what are the threats that may prevent you from becoming so?  Time is an example.

Take two hours out of your busy schedule and answer these questions as you move towards greater self-insight and heightened personal empowerment.