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Corinna Essa Corinna Essa is known internationally as the go-to person when it comes to social media marketing. She was raised in Greece and at the age of 17, left to London to study television production only to have her dreams shattered as she discovered the very unstable nature of the industry and the myth of careers… Made redundant FIVE times by the time she reached her mid-twenties... Corinna decided enough was enough and began her journey online. Quickly discovering a few powerful strategies that would allow her to leverage the power of social media and the Internet, Corinna started using Twitter to market products. Within 3 weeks, she had replaced her full-time income working only 2 hours a day. Corinna now owns a social media marketing company helping businesses around the world leverage the power of social media without doing any of the legwork. She shares her ground breaking strategies to people around the world, and has helped thousands of individuals and businesses from Australia, the UK, New Zealand, UAE, Switzerland and Cyprus get consistent returns from their social media marketing efforts.

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Twitter Video Secrets For Marketing

May 19, 2017 | Corinna Essa

Since Twitter only allows you to publish tweets of 140 characters only, it can be tricky to convey your marketing message. This is why uploading video tweets can be a very effective alternative.

There are many reasons why a video on Twitter performs better than tweets. First, a video on Twitter receives much more engagement than any other form of content on Twitter. According to Twitter, tweets with videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than standard tweets. Considering the fact that Twitter users have an average of 140 contacts, that could considerably increase your exposure for free.

There are two ways to upload a video to Twitter, your desktop computer or your Twitter app from your phone. At this stage, your Twitter video cannot exceed 2 minutes and 20 seconds and cannot exceed 512MB.

In terms of the format of your video on Twitter, if you are uploading a video from your Twitter phone app, Twitter supports MP4 videos and MOV videos. If you are uploading a Twitter video from your desktop, Twitter supports MP4 videos.

To upload a video to Twitter from your desktop, simply login to your Twitter account, and go where you would normally publish a tweet. When you click on the box, the camera icon will appear. Simply click on it and upload your video. Then, you will be allowed to edit your video for Twitter to make sure it doesn’t exceed 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Then, make sure to add a title to your video, that does not exceed 70 characters. Then add a description which does not exceed 200 characters and add a call to action. You have the choice between two calls to action. Either “visit site” or “watch now”. Then add the link you want people to be redirected to, once they’ve clicked on your call to action.

To upload a video to Twitter from your Twitter app on your phone, simply open the app, and click on the “compose tweet” tab. Then, click on the camera symbol. For Twitter to access your video recordings, you will need to first allow Twitter to access your videos in the settings section of your phone. Once you have, when you click on the camera symbol, you’ll have the option to either record a video for Twitter or to access and existing video. Once you have selected your Twitter video, you’ll have the option to edit it too.

When putting together a video for Twitter, you first need to write a script to make sure your video is delivered in an articulate way and is structured in the best possible way to get people to follow your call to action.

Make sure your video script includes the following 3 elements:

  • An attention-grabbing statement right at the start.
  • Valuable content, advice, tips and tricks.
  • A strong call-to-action.

Good luck with sharing your knowledge and expertise on Twitter via video and if you have any questions just leave me a comment below.