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Binh Rey Binh Rey is the Principal Consultant and founder of Seriously Trademarks, she is passionate about helping people and companies to successfully brand and protect their most important business asset, their name. Binh has worked in senior marketing and sales roles within the IT industry for over 15 years, and thus truly understands the importance of branding products and/or services to gain a competitive edge in the market place. Binh holds a Masters of Business in Marketing from the University of Technology, Sydney and has worked within the trademarking services industry for the last five years. Her trademark success rate for clients is over 90% since establishing Seriously Trademarks. She really enjoys learning and helping people find the right protection for their brand. Seriously Trademarks was established with an ambitious aim of providing honest affordable service with great customer care.

Binh Rey has written 22 article(s) for us.

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What’s in a Name? Why It Pays to be Creative and Protected

September 24, 2015 | Binh Rey

Recently, on a trip to Melbourne I was walking from the airplane tarmac to the passenger terminal and observed a series of steel shipping containers in the near distance which were all branded ‘ROYAL WOLF®’*.  I couldn’t escape the logo which was repeated every few steps along the pathway, the containers lined the path leading to the taxi rank.

The Royal Wolf® motif is a dominant yellow and blue, with a grey toned wolf howling into the air.  This was the first time I had seen the brand.  I thought to myself, what does a wolf have to do with shipping containers? As the logo was repeated time and time again though, I felt a favourable connection with the image.

For me the wolf evoked a combination of responses to do with ‘strength’, ’wilderness’ and “solitary freedom”.  The trade name ‘ROYAL WOLF®’* communicated a sense of ‘quality’, ‘history’ and even ‘resolute toughness’, all of which, when assembled in my sub-conscious, evoked a very positive response in me.  That is the power of a brand.  Naturally, in case I had not got the point, the brand makers had also incorporated a banner proclaiming, ‘YOU CAN DO ANYTHING IN A ROYAL WOLF®’*.

Royal Wolf logo You can do anything in a Royal Wolf

That got me thinking, what can I do with a ‘Royal Wolf’ Shipping Container?  Suggestive advertising working on me! My next thought was, oh, a friend of mine extended the back of her house with a shipping container, and I wondered if she had used a ‘Royal Wolf’? It’s funny the things that run through your head if you are prompted, first comes the sub-conscious response and then the rational thoughts!

I didn’t run out and buy a shipping container the next day, however the ’Royal Wolf®’* brand will come easily to mind if I ever think of a shipping container again.

The point in writing about ‘Royal Wolf’ for this month’s blog is that you can choose a name for a product and/or company without the need to explicitly describe what the product, service or the company does.  The second point is that creative branding differentiates your product, services or company from the competition.

Had the shipping containers been branded , ‘Worldwide Shipping Containers’, it may work for a business that is wanting to generically describe what they do, however this does not differentiate them from their competitors.  Unlike Royal Wolf®*, whose name makes them stand out of the pack, they may be just a shipping company providing a shipping container products and niche transport service to shippers and on forwarders but that has not stopped Royal Wolf Holdings Limited from owning 25 trademarks in Australia alone.  They are serious about protecting every marketing dollar spent on logo, name and slogan in order to ensure that they are ring fenced from competitors in their field and are not diluted by piggy back ventures using their brand concept in allied or even unrelated industries if proven that confusion exist in the marketplace.  

If you need assistance with protecting your intellectual property, leave a comment below and the team at Seriously Trademarks®**, will be happy to provide guidance.

*Royal Wolf (logo), Royal Wolf (word) and You can do anything in a Royal Wolf® are registered trademarks of Royal Wolf Holdings Limited in Australia.

**Seriously Trademarks® is a registered trademark of Umbrella Projects Pty Ltd.