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Sigrid de Kaste #1 Bestselling Author, Business and Marketing Consultant and Coach, Sigrid de Kaste is the Director of Stickybeak Marketing Originally trained as a Photographer, Sigrid has worked in Advertising, Public Relations, Retail, Management, Marketing and has owned a number of Retail Stores in which she quickly doubled profits and tripled turnover Sigrid formally studied Marketing and has direct experience of starting up, building, and selling businesses; together with the different types of marketing that is required during each of these phases Working with local Australian and international businesses from a vast variety of Industries, Sigrid stays ahead with the latest Marketing Developments, including Website, Online and Social Media Marketing As a speaker Sigrid excels in delivering clear, practical, hands on seminars and workshops on the most up to date Marketing topics for clients and organisations

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Why Businesses Who Rely On Local Customers Need To Be Online

March 9, 2016 | Sigrid de Kaste

How to make sure your business is not a best kept secret.

Most buyers today rely on the web to find what they are looking for. Going to Google is the first step, even when they are looking for your local business. They want to know where you are and what you have to offer. They may also be interested in who you are

Interestingly, there are still businesses without a website!

And that may work for you right now for a number of unique reasons, however you will find, in time,  the competition will drown you out online

Here are 5 Reasons why a local business needs to be online:

  1. If there are 10 plumbers in an area but only one provides helpful information on a website, that plumber will stand out. Prospective customers will see that plumber as being active and helpful, with free online information. This will earn him a reputation of trustworthyness and build his identity
  2. Posting content online that guides the buyer through the stages of awareness, evaluation and leads to the purchase decision made easy, results in more sales. A local business can post on their website or in social media
  3. Consistency is a key ingredient to successful online representation and brand awareness for a local business. Create as many opportunities to be seen online as possible so you’ll be top of mind the next time a buyer is looking
  4. A website will often be a buyers first impression of that business. Undecided buyers who are searching and researching their options might check out a website and social media presence more than once. When they come back, seeing something new and relevant makes their next visit a better experience and shows that the business is professional in their approach
  5. Creating a steady stream of new information online on a variety of topics opens several opportunities to send viewers to a website. That can be through search, social media, traditional media and mobile which ultimately leads to phone calls, orders or foot traffic to the local store

Get a website up, put new information out into social media and your website regularly and see calls and sales increase for your local business. Make it a mobile friendly website so buyers can see your details and information easy on their mobile device when researching. It needs to be easy to see where you are, what you have to offer, how that helps the buyer and who you are.