Binh Rey
Binh Rey Binh Rey is the Principal Consultant and founder of Seriously Trademarks, she is passionate about helping people and companies to successfully brand and protect their most important business asset, their name. Binh has worked in senior marketing and sales roles within the IT industry for over 15 years, and thus truly understands the importance of branding products and/or services to gain a competitive edge in the market place. Binh holds a Masters of Business in Marketing from the University of Technology, Sydney and has worked within the trademarking services industry for the last five years. Her trademark success rate for clients is over 90% since establishing Seriously Trademarks. She really enjoys learning and helping people find the right protection for their brand. Seriously Trademarks was established with an ambitious aim of providing honest affordable service with great customer care.

Binh Rey has written 22 article(s) for us.

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You Don’t Need Lawyer to Process Your Trademark

July 13, 2017 | Binh Rey

Running a business is costly, not only in time but money and there are often unknown concerns that arise to challenge even the savviest entrepreneur. So, it will come as a relief to business owners to learn that they don’t need to pay high lawyer fees to manage the registration and processing of trademarks.

In Australia, a Trademark Specialist who holds a Trademark Attorney Code from IP Australia, the body that administers Australia’s intellectual property (IP) rights system, can legally register and process a Trademark on behalf of a business.

In most cases, the Trademark Specialist also offers many benefits not available from traditional legal firms.

These include:

  • Lower cost – the Trademark Specialist will usually charge an overall consultant fee rather than an hourly rate. This cost can blow out with lawyers if there are challenges with the Trademark.
  • Creativity – the Trademark Specialist will often think ‘outside the box’ and be able to develop a workable trademark as they are qualified in researching and creating business names.
  • Expertise – the Trademark Specialist will work directly on your account without delegating the job to an associate.
  • Protection – the Trademark Specialist understands the specific needs of your business and will seek to protect the name that you really want.

How to choose a Trademark Specialist

Once you have decided to engage a Trademark Specialist, there are some important questions to ask before making the final investment.

  1. Ask for their Trademark Attorney Code from IP Australia.
  2. Request to speak to past clients.
  3. Inquire into their length of experience in registering Trademarks.
  4. Find out how they manage issues with the processing of the Trademark if these arise. Will they work hand-in-hand with you to resolve these?
  5. Ask for a written quote on the details of the total fee.

Working with a Trademark Specialist can truly enhance the success of your business. In many cases, they can become a trusted adviser as your business grows both locally and internationally. Work on a branding protection strategy as the business expands outside of Australia.

Trademarking is affordable for all companies, especially in Australia, whether you are a start up or an established business.  Don’t be afraid to enquire about trademarking your business.