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Vicki Writer Vicki Writer is an international speaker, author and coach in the areas of peak performance & sales best practice. Her background includes a 20 year professional career in Financial Services and she is well known for assisting people and organisations in the area's of sales and business growth. She is also the founder of The 360° Solution - A 7 stage process that assists people in creating a conscious, deliberate and achievable plan for the life they want to live. Vicki has dedicated much of her life to learning and has spent many years studying and researching motivation and human behaviour. She is extremely passionate about the development of human potential and her expertise is highly sort after in this area. Over the years, Vicki has spent much of her time mentoring and coaching executives, sales professionals and entrepreneurs. She is a leading identity in Financial Services and is considered one of Australia's best referral coaches. She holds a diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning) and is a Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). As a speaker, her audiences describe her work as 'world class'

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You Get What You Focus On…So Focus On What YOU Want!

March 7, 2016 | Vicki Writer

We have a little part of our brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) and it acts like a little antenna. Imagine it being just like Google – it’s a search engine. When we program something into our Reticular Activating System, it goes off into the universe in order to bring it into our reality.

Here is the problem. Most people focus on what they don’t want and wonder why they end up manifesting it and bringing it into their lives.

Our thoughts are a controlling factor in what we manifest. Our RAS can be a blessing OR a curse – depending upon what you have programmed it for. We create what we focus on so be very careful that you focus on what you want!

Some of you would know people who say things like “I knew that would happen”. You certainly did, because you helped to create it! It is truly extraordinary how this works. Books fall off shelves. Phones start to ring and you begin to run into people that you have not seen in years.

Have you ever had the experience where you wanted to buy a something like a Jeep car or create new business opportunities and all of a sudden, that is all you see? This is your RAS in action and it is truly extraordinary how this works.

We can use this information to our best advantage or to our detriment. Be very careful about what you think about on a consistent basis and be sure it is what you want.

If you want to create an opportunity for yourself then focus on what it is you are looking to do. Tell your brain what to look for. If you have to read a book or do some study, then before opening a page or chapter, tell your brain the purpose of what you are looking to achieve. Tell it what to look for in the book and watch what happens. You will notice only the things you are looking for. Its truly incredible and it’s a great strategy to use when you are looking for a car park in a busy shopping centre!

Give your brain the instructions it needs to bring whatever you are looking for into your reality.

Remember, we create what we focus on so focus on what you want! 

If you catch yourself focusing on what you don’t want (the sale falling over, your partner cheating, having no money), then you need to play the game of SWITCH and that is to SWITCH your thoughts and internal dialogue, your self -talk immediately. Literally, switch your thoughts to be the complete opposite to what you are thinking and saying to yourself. Practice doing this as often as you can.

We need to pay attention to the internal voice and what we are saying to ourselves so that we can strategically influence it.

Leave a comment below if you have experienced a positive outcome by using your RAS?