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Mon 29 Oct 2018

10 Reasons why Yoga is a businesswoman’s best friend. Part 1

Health & Wellbeing
In this two part article Anne Noonan will discuss the emotional, physical and spiritual reasons why and how Yoga benefits today’s businesswoman no matter your age.

Firstly, let’s clarify what Yoga is not.   It’s not the impossible shapes demonstrated by svelte young things on Instagram.   That’s the glamourous side of yoga, which of course is lovely to observe.   Understandably a 50+ stressed body will look at that and think ‘if that’s yoga, it’s not for me’.   I used to think that.

Yoga brings together body, mind and soul.   Here’s how it can work for you and your business.

  1. Nervous System.   Much of the population operates in fight and flight mode which boosts stress creating inflammation in the body.   Yoga trains your nervous system to come back down out of the ‘red’ zone into the ‘green’.  A handy tool to have when dealing with difficult situations.
  2. Balance.   As we age we can physically find it harder to balance, hence falls become more frequent.   At the same time we can lose that sense of feeling emotionally balanced.   The way yoga physically challenges the body to remain balanced on one leg, trains the whole system bringing physical and emotional balance into line.
  3. Inner Strength.   Experienced yogis will tell you it’s not all about the movement in class.   We actually ‘live yoga’.   I’ve found, with practice, yoga helps my outlook on life.   I now observe my reactions.  Any situation that normally would have raised my stress levels, can now be dealt with a level of calm rationale.
  4. Mindfulness.   The practice of yoga brings about a more intense level of awareness and observation.   Your intuition becomes sharper, your clarity of mind toned, and your outer calm reflects the inner calm.   Your sense of mindfulness with everything from work, to relationships, food, family and your own health is heightened.
  5. Tension release.   Yoga is more than stretch.   It focusses on the fascia, that collagenous webbing directly beneath the skin.   Studies prove the fascia is more than just fatty connective tissue.   It stores emotion and pain.   Yoga works on releasing the knots that, as a result of stress, form in the fascia.   These knots can become quite painful.   Yoga releases much of the key tension storage from shoulders and hips.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of how Yoga can benefit the businesswoman.

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