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Wed 4 Jul 2018

11 Things to do Before you see a Web Designer (Part 1)

Business Startup

A new client is on their way to see us about a new website and the meeting goes something like this;

Me: How can I help you today?

Client: I want a new website

Me: That’s great; do you have any ideas on the style of website you would like or what you would like the website to do for your business?

Client: No, just make me something up and let me look at it.

This is the “how long is a piece of string” approach and sadly when any digital agency just makes something up it can be a frustrating exercise for both the client and the web designer/digital agency.

Any good digital agency should spend time with a new client to understand their business and what their business needs. And a business whether new or established needs to have some things in mind before they go see a digital agency/web designer/web developer.

Here are 11 things to do or consider before you see a digital agency;

1 – Have an idea of what you would like a website to do for your business.

A website is a productive member of your team, it can sell, provide quotes, give information and gain leads for your business. Set your website some goals (i.e. 5 new leads each week or sell $x worth or products each month.)

Have a think, will it purely provide information about your products or services or would you like to be able to directly sell your products or services. Maybe your website will take some pressure off yourself and your team by providing quotes or more in-depth information about what your business does.

Here are some ideas;

  • Informational only
  • Sell Products
  • Sell digital products
  • Sell services
  • Quote on your products or services
  • Increase Visitors
  • Reduce customer support/customer service telephone calls
  • Convey mission of the business
  • Increase visibility in the marketplace
  • Position as an industry lead

2 – Establish who your target market is.

Think about the types of people who use or would use your products or services. Are they young, do they have families or are they businesses? Having an idea of who your ideal clients are assists the digital agency with design and who to market your website towards. If they are conservative business managers, then building a website with an edgy youth look may not be ideal.

3 – General Business Information

Put together some information about your business whether you write a few general notes or take along some brochures/flyers etc., this gives your digital agency an insight into your business. This is not for your digital agency to write from, it is to inform them about your business, so they can possibly make suggestions of website functionality or design concepts that you may not have thought of.

4 – Website Content

Have your written copy and images ready (website content). One of the biggest delays in having a website made is when a digital agency is waiting on content from the client. So have a think about the pages you would like on your website, most websites have at least the following pages;

  • Home Page
  • About Us
  • Products or Services
  • FAQ’s
  • Contact Us

There may be more pages that you need, so have a think and write a list of pages and organise the content for each of the pages. If you are not sure, take a peek at what your competitors have on their websites, just for ideas.

If you struggle with writing, don’t let this delay you seeing a digital agency, they may have a copywriter on their team or be able to suggest one to you. However, it’s important to get onto creating your website content sooner rather than later to avoid delays in launching your new website.

Also, if you don’t have any or only a few images, discuss this with your digital agency, they may be able to assist you with some stock images or suggest a photographer that can go out and take some photos of your business or products.

5 – Your logo and branding.

If you have a brand or style manual take that along with you along with a copy of your logo. This will give the digital agency an idea of your business brand and colours. If you don’t have a logo or want to update your logo or branding discuss this with the digital agency, they may be able to help. So go in with some colour ideas that you feel may fit your business and logo ideas and the agency can either design this for you or point you in the direction of a graphic designer.

To Be Continued.

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