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Thu 10 Sep 2020

8 Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Commercial Cleaner

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The best commercial cleaning services may not necessarily be appreciated as the cleaning just seamlessly happens in the background, but you will definitely realise when you have a company that is cutting corners to save money.

When considering hiring a commercial cleaning company, you should do your homework on the companies you are considering to keep your offices clean. 

Be careful that you don’t just compare companies on price alone, short term savings can sometimes incur more expense and time in the long run. 


Also, keep in mind that these cleaners will be roaming your offices, probably when none of your team are on site, in contact with personal or company information, equipment and products.   

 These are the questions we believe will ensure you can hire a reliable, trustworthy, consistent and high-quality cleaning service for your business: 

How many years has your business been in the industry? 

Obviously, every business has to start somewhere, but do you really want a new commercial cleaning business starting off on your premises?  We’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and during that time we’ve seen many companies start up and then fold, leaving offices in the lurch.  Experiences matters when it comes to giving a comprehensive quote on the work.  For example, an experienced cleaning company knows that black carpet needs two passes of the vacuum.  The companies with best practices and methods are the ones that last, they know how to quote correctly and how to ensure satisfied office cleaning customers.  


Staffing – how long do you keep cleaners; do you pay them correct rates and are they your staff or outsourced? 

This question is a great indicator on how the company treats their staff.  A company that treats their staff well and are good at what they do will have long tenured staff.  For example, we’ve had staff that stayed with our company for over 15 years.  We must be doing something right!  One thing we know for sure is that if a company pays their staff cleaners at the correct national award rates and train them, like we do, then they in turn will do a great job for us. A number of start-up companies underpay their staff or subcontract your work to other companies, which means higher possibility of lower quality cleaning. 

Will the same people clean my office constantly? 

This relates to the staffing question.  If the company has a long term staff then they can provide that consistency of cleaning quality.  Barring holidays and illness, we try to have the same cleaners at the same company.   

 How do you ensure that your cleaners are doing a good job at our office? 

You don’t want to be wasting your time, checking the cleaning has been done and following up with the company trying to get the problem addressed.  Instead, check how they ensure your office is cleaned well and how you can communicate with their office.  For example, we have Supervisors on each site, that do not change.  They check the work is completed to the highest cleaning standards that we require to our agreed schedule.  And they are the one contact with that company, so any concerns can be easily raised earlier and addressed quickly.  With the best cleaning company in place, you’ll forget the cleaning altogether and can focus on your business and job. 

Do you have any testimonials or people I can contact about your service? 

The best way to be confident in a company whom you will be trusting around your business is to check on their reputation with other firms.  Don’t just believe some words on a bit of paper or on a website, ask if you can contact some of their other clients for references.  If they are open to doing that then they are confident that they deliver high quality cleaning services. 

What is the exact schedule of cleaning you will be doing? 

This is important to know!  You need to have your expectations and their quoted work to match, and that it matches in with your business needs.  They might clean bins on a Monday, which means foodstuffs might be in your bins all weekend smelling up the place.  Or you might have a particular need for the front desk area to be sparkling for certain days that clients visit your offices. 

 Are you insured? 

This is an important question you can pose as a company owner.  A commercial cleaning business should include protection that covers your business.  As an example Bluestar Cleaning Services is fully insured by workcover and have public and product liability of up to $20,000,000. 

What cleaning do you do in light of the Pandemic? 

Check that their cleaning processes include preventative measures for the safety of your workplace and staff, such as Key Touch Point cleaning (disinfecting). But also check on the sanitary processes their staff undertake to ensure they don’t bring any germs. 

Contact the Bluestar Cleaning Services Team for a free quote if you need Commercial Cleaning in Brisbane for your offices. 

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