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A Guide To Debuting Your Book

By: Kirsty O'Callaghan, Owner, Unity Words | Thursday 18 August, 2016

Author, KIRSTY O’CALLAGHAN recently launched her first book, 'Separated by Work'. The event was a huge success with post event social media sharing spreading her message far and wide. We asked Kirsty to outline her top tips for creating a buzz when launching a book.

There is no denying that with hard work comes great reward, however the tenacity, patience, commitment and sacrifice it takes to write a book and then get it published is only part of the job. Next comes the tough task of building an effective promotional and profile raising plan of action so that your book sells and can become a profitable venture. 

One important aspect which is often not given the priority it deserves by way too many authors, is the importance of an official book launch.

Here are some tips that will ensure your book launches with a bang:

First – you will need to decide on the intention for your book launch and what you want it to achieve. Are you going to have the occasion professionally videoed and photographed for marketing purposes? Are you aiming to sell a set number of books at the launch? Are you aiming to target or reach a certain market? Is it a time of celebration with those who have supported you during the writing process? Is the launch designed to build your book and author profile? Will the event be an opportunity to showcase your expertise, writing and presentation capabilities or is the launch for all of these reasons and more?

Second – always seek out support. Successful business people always welcome the opportunity to share their expertise. You will find helpful resources on writer centre websites and you can even Google he term ‘book launch guides’. Phone those in your network who may be able to help and guide you with compering, book sales, locating a venue, promotion, door prizes, media releases and the registration and welcoming of guests. Reach out to your network of business contacts for assistance with graphic design for printed invitations, PowerPoint presentations and leaflets. 

Posting invitations to attendees and touching base with most of them through phone conversations will generate a special excitement around your book launch. Just as writing a book becomes a team effort, so does the launch of your book. By rallying the right mix of people, your book launch will be a memorable and outstanding success. 

Third - have all speeches prepared and thoroughly practiced. Make sure that you have given careful consideration to your audience demographics when choosing the paragraphs of the book you will be reciting aloud. You want it to be the paragraphs of the book that resonate so well with your audience that they feel compelled to purchase a copy of the book immediately and then share their experience on social media right there and then. 

Savvy authors always have a beautifully crafted pen and a few lines prepared for when purchasers request authors to sign their book. And never dismiss the value to be found in arranging the set-up of the room you are holding your launch in to best promote you and your book. Setting the scene for your successful book launch event is of the utmost importance. Ensure that you also develop a ‘book launch to do list’. This should be a prompter for all the important things including your hair and makeup, the pre-inspection of the venue and all the other tasks that need to be actioned on the day, as well as the media follow-up and phone calls etc. 

And finally, after weeks of organising, and creating your author profile by promoting your book launch - both online and offline, remember to be in the moment and enjoy your book launch. You have just introduced your paper baby to the world and there is only a few life experiences that match the joyful indulgence an author feels as their book is successfully launched - so relish the experience.


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