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Why You Urgently Need To Build A List

By: Sigrid de Kaste, Director, Stickybeak Marketing | Thursday 30 March, 2017

When it comes to doing business, the money is always in the list. Having no list equals having no business. SIGRID de KASTE shares the steps to take to build a robust and responsive list of potential clients for your business.

If you know the right formula to create engaging content, the biggest brands in the world including Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and hundreds more will actively promote, market and share you with the world for free. Some will even promote and pay you for that privilege. 

One of the most important things to understand in business is that it’s your customers who will make or break your business. Whether you’re starting a business, buying or selling a business, the money for the business is in the list. The bigger and more active your list, the more value there is in your business.

Firstly: Understand the concept called ‘message, market, and medium’.

Before you do anything, you have to understand your market. What they love, what they hate and whether or not they are a buying audience. Do they have money or are they broke?

Secondly: In understanding your market you’ve got to figure out what kind of message they are going to react or respond to. What are they interested in? What do they buy already? What do they like to talk about?

Thirdly: Know where your market is hanging out. This will dictate the best ways to reach your ideal customers and as said before, even allows you to be promoted by the big companies for free.

Now start building your list: 

Step 1 – Create an offer, something your customers want to know about. For example: ‘Are You Ready to Write Your Book? Avoid These 3 Costly Mistakes’. It’s a great idea to make the offer a series of 3-5 videos, this way your audience gets to ‘know’ you.

Step 2 – Set-up a list building (lead capture) system. This should consist of the landing page where you offer the free videos and tell the prospect that they get access via giving you their email address. Make sure the email capture has an automated series of emails attached. You want to send the prospect the videos one by one, plus a series of additional information emails, this way you keep in touch with them over a period of time. Also, videos are an easily consumed media on social media and introduce you and your message powerfully. Ideally you want your system to include an sms texting option. That way you can build your list online and offline too.

Step 3 – Create a series of blog posts around the message and from there send readers to the sign up page to get the complete set. Promote the links around all of the social media platforms you’re on. In fact, continue to write your blogs on your website and, as guest writer, always with the call to action to go and get access to the videos on the topic.

Step 4 – Add the link to your free offer sign up page and the phone number for texting access to your video series to your business cards, flyers, brochures, and all materials you use for marketing your business. Make sure you also talk about and give access to the sign up page every time you are out and about networking and talking to prospects.

Step 5 – Continue to send emails with news and updates to your list. Keep in regular touch and wrap offers to buy from you into the emails. By engaging this way the people on your list will be receptive to your emails and offers as you are giving ongoing information.

Your list is your ‘Pot of Gold’ and you urgently need to build it! 

People who opt-in to get your free information were seeking it. This makes them good prospects to buy from you. All online social media platforms already have millions of people looking, so with the right offer you can easily tap into those people as your prospects.

Most importantly, make your offer vibrant and make it relevant.


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