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Align Your Compass For Success

By: Chris Knight, Director, Inspirational Connections | Friday 1 September, 2017

Which way is your compass pointed? Do you have a vision of what success looks like for you and your business?  CHRIS KNIGHT provides some insightful suggestions on setting your compass for success.

Many women in business are now at a crucial turning point in their lives. Some may have developed their business plans and goals and are powering away to achieve them. Whilst others may feel as though they have been caught up in a whirlwind looking for a way out of the maze with their compass point twirling in all directions. 

Some may even be contemplating:

  1. Taking family leave to have a baby or to care for an elderly parent or dying relative
  2. Studying for a new career
  3. Forming a partnership or franchise
  4. Expanding or selling their business
  5. Reinventing themselves after a forced redundancy or separation
  6. Opting for a lifestyle or sea change to follow their passion
  7. Retirement and taking that well-deserved holiday.

Whichever situation applies to you, now is a great time to reassess where you are headed so you can achieve the dreams that you have set for yourself, your family and your business. 

The good news is that help is readily at hand and there are endless choices and learning possibilities. Some of the most successful business women in Australia willingly share their knowledge and expertise at Women’s Network Australia’s networking events.

They prove time and time again that women can achieve it all. Does it come easily or just happen, sadly no, you need to commit and be prepared to put in a vast amount of effort. But, once you decide on a direction you can easily chart your course and develop a detailed map of the actions required to progress you towards reaching your desired destination. 

Be realistic in your planning and ensure that you are not over committing yourself, and remember that a little calculated risk can be a great motivator to keep you focussed.

Tips on aligning your compass for success:

  1. Believe and invest in yourself by aligning your moral compass and pursue what you are passionate about. Find a great support team who will also hold you accountable for staying on your chosen path.
  2. Challenge the misogynistic mentality and stereotyping of the roles of women in business and advocate for gender equality to improve equal pay for equal work.
  3. Open the door for other’s and develop relationships through effective networking and marketing. Remember that the best referral is often word of mouth, so be generous in passing on referrals to your own clients and the women who you do business with.
  4. Whenever you can purchase Australian Made and Certified Fair Trade products especially those that provide education, sustainable development and economic opportunities that improve the lives of women. This will improve conditions in women’s workplaces as well as providing them with social protection.
  5. Regularly review your charted course and make any adjustments as you progress on your journey. Identify safe harbours to rest and reflect by scheduling some ‘me’ time to reward yourself on your progress.
  6. Set your compass in a direction to keep yourself moving forward and don’t be afraid to adjust the sails when an opportunity presents itself.
  7. Remember to have fun and take time out to enjoy your friends and family because spending time with them will only add to your success.

Our success as business and professional women is interwoven and interdependent upon supporting each other. 

When we combine our shared experiences, invest the time to get to know each other, look for opportunities to work together, purchase products and services from each other, it confirms that we are heading in the right direction that leads to our shared success.


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