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  • The most actively trading businesses, are those with an annual turnover of under $200,000.
  • Women are at the heart of the small business economy with 660,280 women now running and operating businesses across Australia.
  • Half of all female small business owners with children are solo mumpreneurs and 81% of them work from home.
  • There are now more women than men running businesses in the 33-45 year old age bracket.
  • Women own almost half of all home-based businesses and one-third of businesses operating from other locations.
  • Women setting up business from home is the fastest growing sector of the Australian economy.


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Karen Low | Executive Coach | Coach Me Now!

Tell us about your business:

Karen Low, Coach Me Now, Small business coachingI started my business Coach Me Now! In 2005, to inspire people to achieve their goals, dreams, desires and passions and to have what they want in life, both personally and professionally. As an Executive Coach, Facilitator and Speaker, my roles are varied and flexible when working with clients to best meet their needs.

We typically work with executives and business owners and clients tend to come to us to: Build or grow their business, develop or streamline processes and systems, get organised, be productive and remove clutter, distractions and time wasters, improve their work/life balance, enjoy more of their life, and more of the time and build a strong personal foundation for success in life and business.

Find out more about my business.

What's your greatest business achievement?

Key achievements that stand out for me are: Working on a Corporate Coaching Contract with the Australian Institute of Management, coaching Managers in leadership, management and communication skills. Also Being a Presenter at the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) Coach Week in 2010 at the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

What are your top 3 networking tips?

l The purpose is to build relationships not make sales, always add value and give without expectation of return.
l Communication is key in relationships, so have a few opening questions in mind when meeting people.
l Follow up and integrity.

What's been your most successful marketing or career progression strategy?

One of my key strategies is surrounding myself with a team of professionals, experts, role models and coaches, and building relationships. Learn from the best and replicate success.

My business has mainly grown through networking and word-of-mouth referrals. Due to the way the world seems to have progressed with technology, I now have a website and Facebook landing page, so time will tell as to the success of these marketing tools.

Branching out into workshops and webinars and focusing on a topic near and dear to my heart, 'Achieving Work/Life Balance' is making a positive, sustainable difference in people’s lives, which is the ultimate reward for me when working with clients.

What can't you live without?

There are two things I can’t live without. First and foremost is my family and friends. I cherish the special people in my life, as these relationships are my life blood, my fuel, my passion and zest for what I do, my unconditional supporters, inspiring role models and brilliant sounding boards.

The other is my internet connection. In business alone, where would we be in this day and age without the benefit of technology.

What value have you gained from being a WNA Member?

As a long-term WNA Member, the value and benefits are many. I meet amazing women, learn from high-calibre and inspiring Members and Speakers, and utilise the extensive range of services available (ie. media and speaking opportunities, eNoticeboard, Working Women magazine).

My business and client base has grown and I have access to a huge referral network when clients need products and services. A huge 'thank you to Lynette and her brilliant team, as WNA is the platform from which I started, providing me with the skills, confidence, opportunities and support to build and grow my business.

Member 2 Member Offer

If you are ready to take action and make improvements now to achieve the results you want in your life in the New Year and beyond. This hands on, fun filled, interactive program will support you in taking action to achieve immediate results.

This great value program runs over 3 months and you will receive: 3 x 1 hour Webinars, 3 x 1 hour individual Coaching sessions plus a surprise session and resource kit for you to keep and refer back to REGISTER NOW for our next 'Achieving Work/Life Balance' program Mention 'WNA' for the 'SPECIAL OFFER price of $333 to receive a saving off the normally recommended price of $899. Check our website for our next program start date, and complete the form


You can contact Karen by email or call her on M: 0409 343 336

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