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Discovering The Law of Attraction

By: Barry Nicolaou, Owner, barrynicolaou.com | Thursday 20 July, 2017

The law of attraction is the most important law to implement when we desire a specific future. Learning the intricacies on how the law of attraction operates and how best to apply its methodologies is the quickest route from A to B. BARRY NICOLAOU not only delivers how it works, but why you can't achieve anything amazing without it.

The law of attraction teaches us that our inner-most thoughts, feelings and emotions act as a universal magnet. According to website Psychology Today’s Michael Levine, the author of 19 books, “emotions drive 80% of our choices, while practicality and objectivity only represent about 20% of decision-making.” 

The law of attraction proposes that if we’re unconsciously worried about a negative outcome, we’re giving fuel and energy to the negative outcome. Since we expand whatever we give energy towards, life is giving back more of what we’re thinking and feeling. This makes sense. The more you pour into a situation, the more it becomes liken to what you've poured in. Think of pouring water into wine, the more water you pour in, the more diluted the wine becomes. 

Given this, it’s amazing to appreciate that life responds to how strongly you ‘feel’ about any given subject. Creating a present and future we desire is not only possible, but probable depending on the strength of our constant alignment with that specific future.

The other small detail to consider here is, words aren't enough. We have to resonate with and feel the future we want to materialise before it materialises. Feel the essence of where you want to be, close your eyes and imagine it’s real now. Get specific in your imagination about your desired situation and hold the thought for 17 seconds. That's the combustion point where another thought like it will join. Hold that new thought for another 17 seconds. As soon as you pass something as small as the 68-second barrier, you've intentionally created a vibrational frequency - a subconscious impression.

We live our life based primarily on subconscious beliefs. The key is keeping your vibration high while your new reality and actions both work in tandem to co-create the future you want to materialise.

Discovering the law of attraction also means remembering the Universe doesn’t hear “No.” Saying – “I don’t want to be broke” has the vibration of ‘broke’ as its core vibration. Saying “I don’t want cancer” has ‘cancer’ as its core vibration. Worrying if a business deal will come through has ‘worry’ as its core vibration. Once you've made a subconscious impression on what you would like to manifest, the next step is to release its expectation. 

Remember, the law of attraction takes the dominant vibration in your mind and expands it back to you without your consent in the form of situations and experiences.

Let's look at 5 areas to be aware of when using the law of attraction: 

  • Be sensitive to negative thoughts and negative people early.
  • Limit your exposure to negativity, in all forms.
  • Focus on the positive life you wish to live and stay there.
  • Find positive people to keep you riding high.
  • Find a mentor, coach or life strategist to work with you on the above.

Life becomes truly amazing when we start to utilise ‘The Law of Attraction’. Learning about this law is the most significant thing you can do if your plan is to create a specific life outcome.


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