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  • Women are at the heart of the small business economy with 668,670 women now running and operating businesses across Australia.
  • Half of all female small business owners with children are solo mumpreneurs and 81% of them work from home.
  • According to recent ABS data, there are now more women than men running businesses in the 33-45 year old age bracket.
  • Women own almost half of all home-based businesses and one-third of businesses operating from other locations.
  • Women setting up business from home is the fastest growing sector of the Australian economy.
  • Women make or influence 80% of all purchasing decisions.
  • 94% of all Australian businesses have an annual turnover of less than $2 million.
  • Women represent one third of all small business owners in Australia, up three percentage points from 1994.
  • Women owned businesses have less external debt, are more profitable and profitable much earlier than those owned by men.



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Natalie Alaimo | Director | Natalie Alaimo International

Natalie Alaimo, Facebook consultant

Tell us about your business:

We help you build the brand of 'YOU'  and your business using social media and online marketing. 

We do this via training workshops, coaching and self-paced learning products. We'll teach you how to leverage the power of Facebook without spending all day. Find out more about my business.

My most outstanding achievement?

Being published on the Telstra blog and presenting my business and social media expertise and ideas in front of over 500 people.

What are your top 3 networking tips?

  • Arrive early and stay late.
  • Don't talk about yourself.
  • Go with a specific goal in mind and don't leave until you have achieved it.

What's been your most successful marketing or career progression strategy?

True success came when I decided to be myself and promote my personal brand. People are attracted to passionate authentic people.

What can't you live without?

White wine, my partner Dean, my mother Leonie and my iPad.

What value and benefit have you or your business gained by being a WNA Member?

The access WNA provides to busines women Nationally is one of the most valuable membership benefits for me and my business. The network has tapped me into my target market and I have developed friendships as well a lasting business relationships.

WNA has provided me with the opportunity to guest speak speak at their networking events, allowing me the opportunity to share my expertise and knowledge.

The networking events at WNA are such fun and so valuable from a business and networking perspective.

Member 2 Member Offer:

All WNA Member receive $20 off my 'Facebook For Business' eBook.


Contact Natalie by email at E: me@nataliealaimo.com or call her office on T: 07 5554 5515.

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