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8 Steps to Staying Motivated Under Weighty Workloads

By: Louise Corica, Principal, Time2Manage - Business Management Solutions

It is not unusual for our energies to zig and zag especially under the weight of our expanding workloads. And, according to LOUISE CORICA, it is normal to become distracted when it all feels too hard. But by following these eight simple steps, you can stay motivated all day long.

Even the most motivated person can become deflated. We all experience the ebb and flow like waves on the ocean. Helen Keller said, “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

So here are eight steps guaranteed to keep you motivated.

The exercise is broken up into 2 x 4 steps to approach regenerating your motivation.When you begin to feel the onset of a demotivated cycle, STOP whatever you are doing to allow yourself to refocus your mind:

  1. Refocus your mind by using an inspirational saying, or your favourite song lyrics. Keep saying it to yourself. Stay with that saying until you feel a shift in your focus. Mine is the lyrics of the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams.
  2. Do something that takes your mind off what you are doing at the time you noticed your positivity becoming depleted, and do something you really ‘love’ to do. Pat the dog, walk the dog, or whatever it is, just do something you love to do.
  3. When you are doing your best and favourite thing to do, stay in the ‘moment’– feel the power of excitement, love, or happiness surge within you. Allow that feeling to permeate your mind, body, heart and soul. Stay with that feeling of excitement. This is to be put in your memory bank of ‘happy’ things to do. The buoyant feeling can be sustained when you repeat it again and again.
  4. Communication is important. Always consider talking to someone when you experience a ‘drain’ in your ‘Excitedly Happy Bank’. Ask for support to maintain this focus. You will be surprised that you are not alone and your ‘bank teller’ may have other suggestions that can help you. Remaining motivated throughout your day requires you to review, re-evaluate, revitalise and refocus.
  5. Review what you just achieved. Go over what you have achieved on your daily action plan.
  6. Re-evaluate your promise to yourself to sustain positive thoughts and remove everything else. Close your eyes, see yourself putting any negative thoughts in a garbage bag, and placing it in the rubbish. When you open your eyes again, focus on brand new images of what you want.
  7. Re-vitalising comes with your new focal points. Take time for you in your daily schedule and you will be able to achieve goals, again and again.
  8. Re-focusing during the day keeps your ‘thinking’ in check. It is our thoughts that sees us doing things, acting out and becoming distracted regularly.

The benefit of the 2 x 4 steps is to help you correct and change your course back to a positive focus. It is our thoughts that mislead us most of the time. When we read, work on the computer and interact with people, our brain takes us on a little detour that we get caught up in and we can lose our way very easily.

To change your mind’s direction back to a positive way of thinking, start taking charge of your thoughts. Concentrate and focus on important things and make your way back to motivated thoughts.


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