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Collaborative Partnerships In The Workplace

By: Louise D'Allura, Director, The Revamp Experience | Wednesday 26 July, 2017

Are you struggling with staff that feel indifferent and mentally tuned out? LOUISE D’ALLURA shares tips on approaching your teams productivity in a different way.

Have you ever heard an inspiring speech that compelled you to take action, or at the very least, examine your thoughts? Great orators know how to engage people’s hearts and minds.
A workplace, like any community, needs inspiring leadership. If you or your leaders need some improvement in this area there are some simple tools that can help energise. create positivity and cultivate productivity in the workplace. These strategies can also be applied to your network of suppliers and contractors.

Ensuring people feel appreciated and engaged can be as easy. A worldwide study conducted by Towers Watson showed workers tune out and mentally ‘leave’ if they felt their managers were not genuinely interested in their wellbeing. All leaders can be inspiring by demonstrating genuine care in five ways.

In ‘The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: Empowering Organizations by Encouraging People,’ Gary Chapman and workplace psychologist Dr. Paul White explain when appreciation in the workplace is lacking, productivity is impacted with predictable results:

  • If no one notices a person’s commitment to doing the job well, that person’s motivation tends to wane over time.
  • Workers will feel like a machine or commodity.
  • Teams experience a lack of connectedness with others and a business’s mission.
  • Workers become discouraged, feel that there is always more to do and no one appreciates what they are doing.
  • Workers begin to complain about their work, their colleagues, and their supervisor.
  • Team members start to think seriously about leaving and they start searching for other employment opportunities.

We all respond to being appreciated differently and it is important to know what you need to do to make sure people around you feel appreciated.

Here’s some tips:

Words of affirmation – Use encouraging words and provide compliments in person or written cards, letters and emails. Use these to acknowledge a job well done, the effort put into a project, or to pass on a specific thank you or feedback from others.
Quality time -  Give your undivided attention through one-to-one conversations. Use this time for a regular check in meetings to see how things are going or to debrief on completed work.

Acts of service - Actions speak louder than words so provide extra support to help with tasks such as ensuring equipment works correctly or more efficiently. This can also mean not adding extra demands when working on a time sensitive project.

Gifts - Demonstrate that you know what is valued or enjoyed by the recipient. This might include sending them an email with an interesting article or discount voucher. Or perhaps giving them the opportunity to register for a conference or workshop they can learn from. Or it could be food related, such as buying your team lunch, or their favourite cup of coffee before a meeting.

Appropriate physical touch - It can be as simple as a smile! Don’t ignore people when you walk in the door, or only acknowledge those you like. Give a firm hand shake, a high-five, or pat on the back.

Deciphering the language of appreciation - If you want to improve the success of your business and collaboration with your network of suppliers, create a culture where staff and suppliers feel appreciated and valued. 

Start by observing:

  • Do they respond positively when you praise them at a staff meeting? (words of affirmation)
  • Do they want individual time with you? (quality time)
  • Do they appreciate you doing things to make their job easier? (acts of service).

Ask questions to gain an understanding of their language of appreciation. The health of your business and its productivity relies on you to listen with an open mind and recognise the value in taking care of the individual first.


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