Women (and some men too!) join Women's Network Australia for a range of reasons and a huge range of benefits. Before joining any organisation it's always good to know how others feel about the group and what they have to say about belonging.

Here’s just a small taste of what our Members have to say about belonging to the WNA Community. We look forward to you having a read and then joining yourself up.

I’m so grateful I rejoined WNA when Janelle took the reigns. It’s been a fabulous experience of getting to know like minded business women personally in a real relationship rather than just a business one. There have been real friendships, real connections and in creating these connections my business has simply organically grown. I’ve learned so much from so many talented women. Thanks so much Janelle for your insight in creating this amazing group.


Anne Noonan
Yoga Forever with Anne Noonan

A network that has kept me drawn to it over many years. I’ve felt welcome encouraged an appreciated!

Debra Thurley
Local Government Womens Association, Tasmania

I am loving attending WNA events. They are light, fun and informative. Everyone there is there with purpose and it is great to be in an environment with women supporting women.

Chris Shana
Shit Shifter

A great event with lots of interesting exhibitors. The guest speaker was informative and entertaining. Would definitely recommend the events to others. Looking forward to the next one.

Sarah-Jane Smith

Networking is never about the number of business cards you collect on a day or even the sales you make. Its always about the relationships you build over time. I love that Women’s Network Australia is a national organization with so many different ways to connect with interstate as well as local members. It’s also one of the friendliest, so if you only want to sit in the corner by yourself, this is not for you! If you want to tap into the support and experience of a roomful of businesswomen cheering you on, then join us!

Sue Lester
Mindset Expert - suelester.com

Even when I wasn’t able to engage in business, the network was an ideal research ground to understand what my customers wanted. The fact that I can engage with a member from anywhere in Australia, knowing they have my best interest at heart, because let’s face it, who wants to turn up to an event, only to face someone you haven’t served to the best of your ability! Janelle and the team have taken this network to a great level that not only satisfies the needs of micro and small business owners, but CEO’s of large corporations! Now I’m engaging in business again, it’s delivering amazing results. Janelle’s ability to bring the right people together for the goodness of the whole group, is extraordinary. Regardless of what business and what size of business, a Silver Circle Membership with Women’s Network Australia is a must.

Sally Porteous
Red Lanyard

An excellent event, there is always a wonderful group of ladies to connect with and Janeen was an excellent and engaging speaker.

Ann Whitaker
House of Colour

For over ten years WNA has been invaluable in supporting and growing my mindset coaching business. I treasure the connections made across Australia through in-person and online events, my guest speaker appearances, monthly blog contributions, and magazine articles. New friends, clients, referrals and collaborators!

Sue Lester
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