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Mon 29 Apr 2019

Aligning your choices with your personal truth

Business Consulting & Coaching
In the business of healing heart and soul, we know that in order to resolve problems or issues in life, we need to know who we truly are and work from a place aligned with our soul.

And, so we embark on a journey.

Throughout life, from childhood to adult, we make choices constantly. Even as children, if something upsets us, or is so terrible that it traumatises us, we make the choice, or internal agreement, albeit unconsciously, to accept, reject, go along with it, respond in a negative way, withdraw and more. Then we take those unconscious choices or agreements through with us into adulthood. If we don’t recognise and change the stories or agreements we have made with ourselves, they keep repeating over and over in our lives in various ways.

And then we might struggle with either wishing the situation would stop repeating but not knowing how, or thinking that ‘there must be something more’, or ‘what’s wrong with me? I am intelligent, I should be able to resolve this’ and/or other responses.

In my own work with children, teens and adults I guide you to identify the issue or problem at the origin – understanding the story that is replaying in your lives. I help you using safe, beautiful, gentle and powerful processes to help you tap into your wisdom and find more about the true you deep inside. This is where your own personal truths and knowings reside, and by knowing yourself you can make choices that align with your soul and your beliefs.

Many blessings.

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