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Tue 29 Sep 2020

Anything That Costs Your Health Is Too Expensive (part 3)

Health & Wellbeing
Health is your greatest wealth.

Ask anyone who is fighting for their life with cancer. The Chinese have a proverb, it says, “As long as the mountain stands, you will never run out of wood to burn.” This mountain stands for your health. Your health is the source of your greatest wealth, the unlimited supply of your creativity, ideas, connections, relationships, inspirations, and aspirations. 

 You cannot be creative and inspired when you are fighting for your life or suffering from sickness of any kind. Your wealth is defined by the quality of your health. When you are full of vitality, happiness, joy, peace, and creativity, you are truly wealthy.  

 Pay attention to the following 3 stages:  

 Stage 1: 

You go from perfectly healthy to experiencing subclinical symptoms like insomnia, sore joints, constipation, irritable bowel, headaches, aches and pains, depression, anxiety, tight chest, sugar craving, regular infection, bad breath, hair loss, weight gain, fatigue, irritability, chest tightness, muscle loss, constant hunger, regular UTI, thrush, sudden sexual decline, burning eyes, back pain, just to name a few. These symptoms are on their way to developing into full-on clinical symptoms, but they are not seriously pathological yet. At this stage, it is easier to reverse them back to health with the right lifestyle changes.   

 Stage 2: 

From subclinical symptoms to clinical pathology. This stage will see your body suffer from clinical pathologies such as inflammatory bowel disease, hyper or hypothyroidism, heart disease, hypertension, tumor, cancer, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, anemia, diabetes, and so on. At this stage, it is harder to reverse them back to health with lifestyle changes. In serious conditions, you need to use drugs and chemical compounds which often cause side effects which can be more serious than the original disease. However, with dedicated effort, you can still gain back your health.  

 Stage 3: 

You go from clinical pathology to full-scale tissue degeneration and DNA degradation. This means your tissues and organs are now experiencing fast breakdowns. You are now seriously diseased. Your tissue breaks down faster than it can repair itself. Cancer belongs to this category. At this stage, it is hard to say whether you can get back your health or not. This is a battle between life and death. 

The smart way to go about life is not to let yourself go to stage 3 of disease development. Your body is really amazing. It tells you exactly when you need to help repair your tissues by offering you all kinds of symptoms. So please, don’t shut down these symptoms with painkillers, and numbing agents. The price you pay for ignoring symptoms is very high. Sometimes, it costs your life.  

 Anything that costs your health is too expensive. So make sure you trade wisely.  

 Even though I am no longer in private practice, I am more than happy to offer guidance to WNA members. If you need help, please reach out to me on  hongcurley@gmail.com 

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