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Thu 23 Jul 2020

Are You A Master Networker

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Have you ever met someone and they seem to be so well connected, it makes you wonder how they do it!

How can they know so many people, remember their names, their birthdays, their partners name and be so good at connecting those who are in need of a service!

Well, that’s what we call a Master Networker! In a book called Networking Like a Pro by Dr Ivan Misner, he pin points the Top 10 traits of a Master Connector.


1. Follows up on referrals

We all know success lies in the follow up, but also when someone passes you a referral, they essentially vouch for you and put their reputation on the line for you.  Your job is to make them look good by following up promptly!            

2. Has a positive attitude

A positive attitude is so contagious, gives out such good energy and everyone will love just being around you! We all admire those Master Connectors who show us the bright side of everything and a world full of possibilities.  Like anything, start by seeing the positive side in the little things people do and pretty soon, you’ll be a ray of sunshine no matter where you go.  

3. Is enthusiastic/motivated

Do you know someone like this?  Someone that just gets things done and overcomes so many hurdles.  Master Networkers are inspirational for others because they lead the way and inspire others.  They are real go-getters!

4. Is trustworthy

Whilst a Master Networker has many connections, you’ll also find they are known to be very trustworthy.  They form close connections built on exactly this – strong relationships with their trusted contacts.  These relationships usually take years to develop and can only be sustained in there is mutual trust and confidence. 

5. Has good listening skills

We have a saying in BNI that a Master Networker has 2 ears and one mouth and uses them accordingly.  This just means that you have to listen more than you speak, and you have to actively listen with the intent of helping someone with their goals or a problem they need solving. A Master Connector will never talk about herself, unless she is asked.  

6. Networks always 

Yes, that’s right – always! At a BBQ with friends, at a wedding, at the grocery store, gym or hair salon, anywhere!  I made connections with others at all these locations and you can too! You’ll always hear someone talk about a life event, such as having a baby, relocating, or buying a business and all you need to say is “I know someone that can help you with that” and voila! 

7. Thanks people

In BNI, I’ll use Sendout Cards or handwrite Thank you cards to my members or other guests and it’s such a personal touch.  Did you know people are rarely thanked, but when you can do that for someone, they will always remember you and want to help you more in the future.  

7. Enjoys helping others

I always say that we are truly happy only when it involves helping others.  A Master Networker is selfless and is always giving, with no expectation of anything in return.    

9. Is sincere

A Master Networker is authentic and true to herself. She really does care and is her own person. 

10. Works her network 

Yes, being a Master Connector takes time.  Do you have a strategy with your database of connections, or your box of business cards you’ve collected from all the networking events you’ve attended or your connections on LinkedIn?  A Master Networker has several strategies, such an ensuring she keeps in touch with key contacts. 

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