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Thu 6 Aug 2020

Are You Being Seen?

Advertising & Marketing
In this crowded, complex, and ever-changing marketplace full of messages, content marketing agencies work daily to understand how your small or medium business can reach customers.


It takes creativity and knowledge to know how your brand can stand out and establish good strategies to avoid getting lost in the diverse, dizzying array of online, mobile, and in-person messages.


Research shows that if we hear a piece of information, three days later we will remember 10% of what we’ve heard. If the information is combined with a powerful image, three days later we’ll retain 65% of the information. This is where good visual marketing comes in.

You may have the best verbal message in the world but if it isn’t combined with visually engaging, high-quality images, chances are, your customer will disregard it.

So, why is imagery so important to help you be seen?

  1. Did you know that compelling imagery is seen and processed faster than words? The right image is crucial to establishing the all-important first impression on your potential customers. An engaging, or even arresting image will be seen and processed much faster than words, hence the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. This is true because of the way our brains work.
  2. What impact does the wrong image have? If you use an image that doesn’t communicate the right message, or which is less than well-chosen or produced, your potential customers will quickly move on to another, more engaging image and content, hence losing the opportunity to reinforce your brand and message.
  3. Where does good design come in? Your message to customers will be best conveyed through a professionally designed visual presentation, that takes into consideration the ascetics of design elements. These visual elements include things like typography, sizing, style, colour and white space and arrangement of text and images. While there are many online tools that can be used quickly and cheaply, not everyone is a designer or has a good visual eye. A disconcerting consumer can tell very quickly what has been cleverly curated and what has not.

No matter where you will be offering your content, whether via traditional channels like print, radio, or television, or by new channels including social media, mobile ads, or the web, your customer’s interest and engagement is of primary importance. Consideration of all these elements is important to ensure that you will be seen and remembered through the noise of a crowded marketplace.

Contact us for an affordable, strategy-led marketing consultation. We’re fully aware of the trying times, and we want to help you through the current climate in a manner that you can be remembered for.

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