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Receivables Cashflow Management

Amanda Lee

Managing Director

We Revolutionise your Receivables Cashflow, guaranteeing that you get paid faster without sacrificing even one customer. We work on contract as an extension of your business, and by working directly with your customers, we get you paid, eliminating stress and unshackling your cash flow with a people-centred approach to overdue receivables management to ensure you can keep selling. You don't have to choose between getting paid or good customer relationships; YOU CAN DEFINITELY HAVE BOTH!

Areas of Expertise

  • Receivables Cashflow Management & Process Optimisation, Human Connection, Negotiation, Customer Relationship Management

Education and Qualifications

  • 2012 - "Balanced Scorecard Professional” through George Washington University College of Professional Studies. This is a comprehensive program that develops and implements a planning and management system into businesses of any size.

Member to Member Offer

I offer a Free 1-Hour Consultation to WNA members to review your receivables process to ensure you're getting paid on time, every time and minimising your risk and potential losses through bad debts or negative word-of-mouth marketing from disgruntled customers. My focus is optimising your cash flow and customer relationships to ensure long-term growth and having a model that is scalable with your business growth. Our focus is both humanitarian and financial, and our simple, common-sense approach to a real issue for businesses owners will immediately decrease your stress and allow you to get back to doing what you love in your business. Getting paid for sales is vital, and managing communications with customers about money to ensure positive results is imperative. I'd love to help you get it right and consider it a privilege to offer my expertise to help women succeed and have greater impact in business.

Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee
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    27 May 2024
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