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Fri 22 May 2020

Be Transparent in Your Innovation

Advertising & Marketing
Thousands of businesses across Australia are shutting their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Retailers, restaurants, bars, cinemas, and schools—resorts, gyms, hair salons. If a business is deemed non-essential, there’s a good chance it’s closed right now or operating in a limited space (for example, restaurants doing takeout only).

It’s your job to provide value, to pivot your marketing campaigns as needed, and to communicate wisely in this ever-changing climate. Now is not the time to concern yourself with closing a transaction—people will notice, and they will talk (or mention it on social media, where everyone is spending more time nowadays).

This means you’ll have to be innovative. And the great news is, you can be transparent about it, too. Inform your customers that this is how you’re doing something one day—but it may change next week concerning new guidelines or safety concerns. Remind them to hang in there and ride out the storm with you.

People will respect your brand if you can be flexible and people focused.

For example, if you own a gym or fitness studio, you can begin offering virtual classes. Perhaps they’re free for now, but you may start charging minimal fees next month if this distancing continues to be mandatory. As long as you’re clear on your practices, people will respect any changes that come their way.

If you’re a restaurant, perhaps you can market take away meals and focus on pantry items or meal kits. You can even ask your clientele what they need from you and try to cater to that, depending on your resources. They’ll never forget the business that sold them quarts of soup when their kitchen was sparse.

Redefine Your Brand Purpose

Don’t shut down your marketing campaign.

Instead, advertise your business as transparent, honest, safe, and supportive. Be an anchor in the storm—show that your brand purpose is community- and people-focused—not money-hungry or insensitive.

Rest assured, your present and future customers will remember the moves you make during this time, so ensure your business abides by current safety laws and provides value.

Contact us for an affordable, strategy-led marketing consultation. We’re fully aware of the trying times, and we want to help you define yourself as purposeful. Let us help you through the current climate in a tasteful, meaningful way.

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