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'Off The Shelf' - Submissions

Have you authored a business related book or ebook recently? Make a submission to have it featured in the 'Off The Shelf' section of the next issue of Working Women magazine. 

This a NO cost PR opportunity.

Submission Deadlines:

 WINTER/AUTUMN  3 April, 2018 OPEN  1 June, 2018
 SUMMER/AUTUMN  3 October, 2018 PENDING  1 December, 2018

STEP 1: Submit a copy of the book.

  • Send a hard copy of the book to us. You can find our postal details here. Remember to include your business card and a note so we can make contact with you.

STEP 2: Rules and specifications

  • Submit a professional image of the Book Cover. It MUST be a jpeg or tif file and supplied at a minimum width of 80mm or 1000 pixels at 300dpi. If you do not supply the image in the required format it can't be considered, sorry. This is a free service so no follow-up or chasing correct components can be guaranteed.
  • Type a synopsis of the book into the body of an email (see text example below) then attach the Book Cover image which needs to be scanned at 300dpi and email to us at E: editorial@womensnetwork.com.au
  • To be listed in the 'Off The Shelf' section you must include a website as the contact point. Phone numbers are not accepted as a contact point for this section of the magazine.

An example of the text required for an 'Off The Shelf' submission: 

Title:  The Awakened Company
Author:  Catherine Bell
Price:  $24.95 Printed | $9.99 eBook

Business can never be “just business” it impacts every aspect of our lives. An awakened company is therefore an organization that has moved from “me” to “we” in its thinking and practices. This book is a journey of awakening and becoming authentic in our work life. www.namastepublishing.com


STEP 3: The Dos and Dont's

  • Do NOT write a personal message to the WNA Staff in the copy of your book you send, otherwise we cannot further promote your book.
  • Do NOT send text and images separately, they need to be in the same email.
  • Do NOT send an image of a book cover unless it is scanned at 300dpi or higher. 
  • Please spell check and edit all of your own text before sending it to us.
  • Include the recommended retail price (RRP) of the book in the text.
  • Provide a website where readers can purchase the book. Phone numbers and emails are not accepted.
  • All images are preferred on a white background.

STEP 4: How to get a copy of Working Women magazine

If you are NOT currently subscribing to 'Working Women' magazine then become a Member of WNA which entitles you to a 1 year subscription or alternatively you can purchase a copy of the current issue.

If you have more questions just give us a call on T: 1800 052 476.

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