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Tue 23 Jun 2020

Clever Businesses Keep Promoting!

Advertising & Marketing
While it's hard to find any silver lining during this crisis, it is a time for small businesses to clarify their brand purpose.

It’s a time to start helping rather than aiming for sales goals. We’re not suggesting you abandon your marketing efforts, either—we’re asking you to redirect them.


Don’t abandon your brand purpose! Instead, reinforce its purpose by reminding the community you’re there for them. You can  continue marketing, even during a weak economy, as long as you do so tastefully.

There are several advantages to continuing your marketing campaign, even amid a global pandemic:

  • Other industry competitors are likely cutting back on their ad spending, minimizing your competition. Well known Marketing Guru, Mark Ritson, talks about ESOV  – excess share of voice, an important concept in times of recession.
  • Customers will see your business as one of stability—something that’s comforting during challenging times
  • The price of advertising usually drops
  • If you stop advertising now, you could lose current and potential future customers

We’re definitely advising you not to sell, sell, sell!

We all hate being sold to and even more so in a crisis. I am sure that many of you have received emails, social media requests, and the like, then as soon as you accept, BANG! The next thing they are hitting you up with promises of increased sales or some special pricing.

Stop selling to people and start communicating. If you are like me, I am not interested in maintaining contact with anyone who hasn’t taken the time to understand my business, get to know me, and really understand how they can add value.

The other day I was contacted by someone trying to sell me content services. Clearly her organisation didn’t even check my website or LinkedIn profile to see that content marketing is one of the core services we offer. Often, ill-informed people try selling me virtual services and offshore deployment options. Their lack of research simply wastes their time and mine, as my services are already very agile, and we have the ability to scale up or down at any time.

Advertising means many things besides selling unnecessary products. It can take the form of releasing safety information that’s relative to your industry. It can also be having a social media presence that advertises other local businesses, non-profits, or healthcare workers, showing a sense of support and community.

Of course, if your business does revolve around selling a product, you can still do so—but there are some considerations.

Perhaps you offer free and/or discounted rates, mentioning that standard pricing will return after safety measures have lifted. You can also highlight the value of your brand in an informative way.

As long as you understand that people can and will notice if you’re taking advantage—because that’s something that will taint your image long after the economy has recovered.

Contact us for an affordable, strategy-led marketing consultation. We’re fully aware of the trying times, and we want to help you define yourself as purposeful. Let us help you through the current climate in a tasteful, meaningful way.

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