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Tue 8 Jan 2019

Don’t Get Bent Out of Shape with your New Year Goals

Health & Wellbeing
The beginning of a new year fills us with goals, dreams for a better body, business and healthy routine. But why is it still tinged with a hint of doubt? Anne Noonan, Yoga and Meditation teacher, discusses in this article how to use the power of stillness for goal setting.

The inner voice says ‘But what if I don’t achieve everything I want, what if I don’t manage to create that result, what if I don’t lose this weight , what if I don’t improve my income?’  These, along with all the other doubtful ‘what ifs’ come into play in January.

In my yoga and meditation experience I’ve learned how to still that chaos in my mind to get clear.   A conversation with a Rockstar businesswoman friend and fellow yogi who went through the same doubts but came out on top every time went something like this.

Me: You’re superhuman.  Your achievements seem effortless.  I have a positive mindset too, but I still don’t get things done like you seem to be able to.

Her: Get still first and it will become clear.

Me:  What do you mean ‘get still’?

Her:   Let the duststorm of doubt dissipate, then get clear.

This conversation happened well before I understood the value of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and mindset for business.  I needed to learn to meditate in order to understand.

What she taught me!

To get ‘still and ground’ means to sit in meditation bringing the goal to mind.  Picture yourself calmly connected to the earth, breathe into the belly and let go.   We get so full of our ‘to do’ list, that achieving goals becomes more difficult when we sense the whirlwind of energy like a dust storm surrounding them.

Picture in your mind the goal or the end result.  Mentally separate from its emotional energy, breath into it quietly, and allow a stillness to surround it.  If you’re really not sure yet how you’re going to achieve it, don’t worry.  See the result like a movie behind your eyes.  With a calm, quiet sense of meditation while holding the picture, slowly send it up to the Universe with gratitude and love knowing the ‘how to’ will be sent back to you.  Then, when it does, the structure and design of your goal becomes clearer as the dust storm subsides.

Contact Anne if you need a little more meditation ‘know how’.

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