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Mon 25 Apr 2016

Dr Wayne Dyer’s 5th Secret to Success and Inner Peace: Give Up Your Personal History

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Who are you? No, not your story, but who you truly are, inside……

All too often we identify ourselves with our past misfortunes: “I’m a survivor of child abuse / cancer / bankruptcy / marriage breakdown / fill in the blank…..”; “I’m a diabetic / manic depressant / bipolar /sufferer of…….”

This is NOT who you ARE….it is just a part of the rich patchwork of experiences that make up YOU, and make you who you are today, in terms of resilience, tools, wisdom, compassion, humility, humanity, and so forth…..

Imagine yourself as a patchwork quilt, with all the little coloured squares being one of your past experiences, regardless of whether you label it ‘good’ or ‘bad’; either way, it is just an experience which has added to who you have become as a result.

Be sure to introduce yourself to new friends as something unique and positive, rather than labelling yourself by your past misfortunes. These do NOT need to become your identity, they are NOT who you are….. and the more we link ourselves to any of our past challenges, the more we embed our identity with that event or challenge, and thereby highly increase the probability of creating more of the same….

Often, if we have had a major challenge in our life it can become all-consuming, and all we focus on. I have a dear friend undergoing some long-term major health challenges, but she continually maintains her personal identity as who she WANTS to be, rather than BEING the health condition or talking about it all the time.

If this is difficult, write a list of goals, and make a vision board, so you can conscientiously ‘rewrite’ your script, and redesign your mental picture of yourself. It is important to visualise how you WANT to be, or how you WANT your circumstances to be, and to send out gratitude for what you desire, as if you had it already. Act as if, fake it till you make it, these terms have true merit, because what you focus on expands, so it is critical that you focus on the outcome, and the feelings that you WANT to manifest in your life, not on past misfortunes and unpleasant feelings.

So the first step is to give up your personal history. Let go of the story, and write a new one….. You are the artist painting your life, the author writing your life’s story…. be sure to write the one you want!

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