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Got something to say? Tech-savvy women use our range of eCards. Suitable for any occasion, they offer a unique and cost-effective approach to staying in touch with your network of new and existing friends, clients and business colleagues.

In addition, our range of eCards will make following up those you meet at business and networking events a breeze. The first rule of effective networking is to always follow up. It's hard to believe that 80% of people attending networking events never follow up those they meet, even when they promised they would. And it's not surprising that close to 100% wish they were better at it.

Next time you attend a business event simply follow up by sending some eCards from the selection below. ©

We're not gossiping - we're networking

Make an appointment to meet with new contacts

Ask contacts about their businesses

Let contacts know you do intend to call them

Let's have a brainstorming session

Thanks for the great idea!

Thank you! Here's to Success

Thank you - greatly appreciated

Thank others after they take the time to meet with you

Thank people when they inspire you

Invite new contacts for coffee and networking

Catch up with contacts at the next WNA Lunch

Invite new contacts into your networks for drinks

See U at the next WNA Lunch

I've made a note to call you soon

Give WNA events the thumbs up with your friends

Invite a potential mentor out to lunch - your shout!

Buddy Netwalking is great for business

Invite new contacts to workout with you at the gym

Business launch or opening

Want to join my mailing list?

Feet First into Business

When it's too hard - Shop!

Read about YOU in the paper today!

Congratulations! You're such a media tart

You're a Great Networker

You so Stand Out in the crowd!

For women who make a difference

Happy Birthday


Welcome - New Baby

I'll collect you from the airport

Enjoy your trip and stay in touch

For the woman who is totally unique

Let's book into the Spa

Hope you get well soon!

Have Doggone Merry Christmas

Wishing you all the best for the Festive Season

Merry Christmas

Joy and Peace for Christmas

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