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Working Women is a highly respected glossy business magazine published by Women's Network Australia. Published for the last 24 years with an expanding and loyal readership it is distributed and produced in both printed and digital formats. It's a favourite read for Australia's female business owners.

Editorial deadline dates:

 WINTER/SPRING  3 April, 2018  OPEN  1 June, 2018
 SUMMER/AUTUMN  3 October, 2018  PENDING  1 December, 2018

How to Submit Your Editorial:

ENSURE before you make your submission that you have read the guidelines as outlined below. You are required to make your editiorial submission using this Online Form

How Editorial Works: 

Submit an editorial so it can be given consideration for publication in 'Working Women' magazine. There is no guarantee that your article will be suitable or accepted, however, by not making a submission we can guarantee you'll never be published.

How Editorial is Ranked:

Once editorial submissions have been deemed as useable they are then given a rating of priority. Editorials made by those who have also booked display advertising space will receive first priority placement. Why? Well without advertisers - there would be no space available to run free editorial.

This is not to say that all advertisers who submit editorial will have their articles published as all articles must make it through the first round and consist of useable, interesting and informative content.

Editorial Ideas:

Can't think of what to write about and need some topic ideas to get your creative writing juices flowing? Get some inspiration by checking out some of the article suggestions in our Editorial Calendar. But dont feel restricted - they are just suggestions.

Editorial Guidelines:

Before making a submission please ensure your editorial meets the requirements below:

  • Editorial submissions must not be a press release, advertisement, sales letter, promotional copy or blatant and excessive self-promotion or hype.
  • All submitted editorials must be written to our guidelines and be of publication-ready quality.
  • Editorials must be kept to a strict word count of not longer than 700 words.
  • Articles are to be written in second or third person - avoid personal pronouns such as "I", "my", "we", "us". Use "you" language or third person "he", "she", "it", "they".
  • Editorial submissions must be informative, newsworthy and share your unique expertise. Include tips, strategies, techniques, case studies, analysis, opinions and commentary. All articles need to relate and be of interest to our readers, being business and professional women, 65% of whom are running their own businesses with the balance employed in middle and senior management positions.
  • Authors must submit a professional photo of themselves. Please note: Happy snaps are NOT suitable. If an authors photo is not included with an article the submission is immediately rejected. 
  • Editorial space in 'Working Women' is run at no charge and therefore no reference of  business or company names are to be referred to in the body of articles submitted for consideration. Free editorial space cannot be used to advertise. If you wish to promote your business, services or products through editorial space, you can book paid advertorial space. To find out more about advertising call our office on T: 1800 052 476.  

Editorial Copyright:

Editorial submissions are accepted on the basis that the publisher may use the author’s name, comments and content for this publication and promotional purposes including electronic, media and printed mediums. Authors waive all rights to copyrights (if any). ©1993-2017 Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd.

All layout and artwork created for 'Working Women' remains the property of Women's Network Australia Pty Ltd and Working Women magazine and MUST NOT be duplicated in another publication, used online or in any promotion without written permission as it is subject to Australian copyright law. 

Legal Use of Published Editorial:

Pages of Working Women magazine are available for purchase. They are supplied in PDF format - making them suitable for placement on websites and social media use. The cost per page or part thereof is $88.00 GST inclusive.

It is a condition of sale that the publisher www.womensnetwork.com.au be clearly displayed at the footer of each page when the PDF file is used in either an electronic or in hard copy format. Conversion of the PDF file to any other format including but not limited to HTML is not permitted. When the PDF file is used electronically it MUST be hyperlinked to www.womensnetwork.com.au.   Email your request to editorial@womensnetwork.com.au

'Working Women' is a registered trade mark of Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd.

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