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We accept well written business related articles on all sorts of topics including the topics listed below.

Before making your submission, you need to read and understand our 'Editorial Guidelines' or your article will not even make it to first base for consideration. 

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2017-18 EDITION - Submission Deadline -  3 October, 2017

Released: 1 December, 2017 | In circulation until: 31 May, 2018


SECTION  Use These Suggested Topics To Get Your Creative Writing Brain Into First Gear
Accounting:  Be Prepared - How to be ready and reduce the risks when being audited by the tax man.
Accounting:  Balancing The Books - How to adjust increasing business costs to address falling sales.
Business Incubation:  Start Up Success Factors - The top 10 tips for commercialising a start-up.
Business Incubation:  Kitchen Table Tycoon - Tips on creating a business empire whilst working from home.
Carbon Footprint:  Smart Office - Expert guidance on how to create a greener working environment.
Carbon Footprint:  Eco Workforces - How to run a business by creating a sustainable workforce.
Carbon Footprint:  Smart Living - Set up your kitchen and pantry so you become an eco-friendly master chef.
Career Strategies:

 Moving Up the Ranks - 12 ways that are guaranteed to progress you up the ladder.

Career Strategies:  Salary Negotiation - 10 Steps women can take to achieve a pay hike.
Career Strategies:  Career Breaks: How to keep your skills up to scratch when taking short career breaks.
Career Strategies:  Board Appointments - How to secure a career boosting board appointment. Sidebar: 6 Tips. 
Communication:  Phone Talk - How and why verbal phone calls bring in more business. Sidebar: Top 10 tips.
Communication:  Work Chat - How to get your message across effectively when it matters most. 
Communication:  Conversations - Learning how to listen, not convince. Sidebar: Top 10 tips experts use.
Cyber Savvy:

 Cyber Fraud - How to protect you and your business from online attacks. Sidebar: 8 Top tips

Cyber Savvy:  Cutting Through - The do's and don'ts of spam filters and ensuring your emails are read.
Cyber Savvy:  Backing Up: Tips, techniques and resources for ensuring business data is never lost. 
Export and Import:  Manufacturing: How to have a product manufactured overseas. Sidebar: 6 Tips for protecting your IP.
Export and Import:  International Expos: Why participating in global expos and trade fairs could be good for your business.
Funding:  Crowdfunding - How to raise capital for your next business venture or project.
Funding:  Business Grants - Where to find grants and funding to help grow your business.
Health and Wellness  Break-up Blues - How to cope and revive whilst managing the fallout of a relationship breakdown.
Human Resources:  Employee Performance - How to raise the bar and motivate employees. Sidebar: 10 Top tips.
Human Resources:  Social Media Policy - How to manage a generation of employees addicted to online interaction.
Human Resources:  Family Friendly Work Policies: How to develop a case to submit to management.
Law and Order:  Purchasing a Business - How to cover all legal bases when buying a business.
Law and Order:   Leasing Space - What all business owners need to know before signing on the dotted line.
Law and Order:  Confidentiality Agreements - How, why and when business owners should use them in their business.
Law and Order:  Franchising - What types of businesses can be franchised and how to prepare.
Management:  Leading by Example - Empowerment lessons from the top.
Management:  Educating Leaders - Qualifications in entrepreneurship. Sidebar: What I learnt at school.
Marketing:  Bums on Seats - How to run successful and profitable events.
Marketing:  Marketing Plans - Committing your marketing ideas and concepts to paper. Sidebar: What to include.
Networking:   Gen Y Networkers - 7 Business skills we can learn from the new generation.
Networking:  Creating Referrals - Stop trying to do business with strangers and get yourself introduced. 
Networking:  Stop Flying Solo: How to reduce isolation and build your profile and business through networking.
Online Engagement:  Blogging for Success - The key to blogging for money, fame and fortune.
Online Engagement:  Engaging Bloggers - Top tips on getting bloggers to talk about your products and services.
Online Engagement:  Sticky Returns - How and why you need to track who is actually visiting your website.
On The Money:  Superannuation: Understanding recent changes and how to now best fund your retirement.
On The Money:  Reserve Bank of Australia: What exactly does it do beside controlling the cash rate?
Our Community:  Social Entrepreneurship - The trend small business owners are using to change the world.
Our Community:  Idea Trends - How charities and for purpose organisations can over-come donor fatigue. 
Productivity:  Time Management - Productivity strategies to boost the bottom line of your business.
Productivity:  Systemise for Success: Simple tips on how to develop a procedures manual.
Property:  Flipping Houses - How anyone can do it and stay within budget. Sidebar: Money saving tips.
Property:  Staging Your Digs - On trend staging tips that will help sell your home faster.
Sales Strategies:

 Boost Your Sales - How to increase prices and sell even more of your products and services.

Sales Strategies:   Write to Sell - The secrets to writing great sales copy. Sidebar: Top do's and don'ts.
Sales Strategies:  Customer Credit - Using great customer service and testimonials to increase sales.
Sales Strategies:  Up-Selling - How to super-size your sales with low or no cost sales strategies.
Social Media:  Staying On Track - Tips for managing your social media in less than 20 minutes per day.
Social Media:  Yearly Planning - How to develop and what ideas to include in an annual social media calendar
Social Media:  LinkedIn - How to search for, identify and send messages to people you want to connect with.
Social Media:  Raise Your Profile - How to optimise your social media presence so you attract attention.
Social Media:  Conversion: How to drive social media connections to subscribe to your website.


 Must Visit Destination - An in depth look into a holiday destination anywhere in the world.
Travel:  Exciting Trends: Why adventure holidays are becoming more popular every year.
Women's Issues:  Home-Based MumPreneurs - How to decide if leaving your job is the right move for you?
Women's Issues:  The Gender Pay Gap - What's the current status and how proactive companies can address the issue?
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